Ignorant ex gf revenge

Was dating a girl who seemed nice,turns out she hated my friends and simply liked to cause drama. So after I dumped her I put the naked pics I took of her all over the internet. She lost her job eventually because I knew her facebook password and put the pics on her facebook. Got what she deserved I think.

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  • Unfortunately (for you), what you did was considered an invasion of her privacy under the tort laws in most states, and she could sue you for her damages. The likelihood is that she won't, because it would create more public awareness of the pics (and of her promiscuity and general nastiness), but the possibility still exists. If she knows it was you, you should apologize, take the photos offline (all of them), and hope she forgives and forgets. Having said that, if she is one who enjoys the drama of life, and creates it where she can't find it, you are screwed. And not in the fun way.

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