Obsessed with my girlfriend

I'm.completely obsessed. I have had many gfs, but this one makes me feel different. I've had many sexual relationships, not bragging or anything but a lot of women want me.

I met this girl about 4 months ago from a dating site, which I was only on to sleep with women. Her profile was about how many times she had nd been hurt and is looking for a long term relationship, but man was she HOT in her pictures. To be honest, I just wanted to get in her pants.

So I messaged her, and we decided to meet, met her, and she was even more beautiful in real than pictures. Her attitude was amazing, and I genuinely had a good time, that I didn't want to disrespect her. At the end of the night, I dropped her off, but kept respect..she walked towards her door and she shouted AREN'T YOU GOING TO KISS ME? I walked up to her and kissed her, she was AMAZING. I don't get nervous around women...she made me nervous. That was it, she said no s** tonight, and I walked back smiling. I jerked off so much that night...her ass was all that was on my mind.

After our 4th date, we had s**, and to my surprise she is a freak. I f***** her for 6 hours. The way she sucked my c*** and talked dirty with me, her p**** tastes so.good'art..I had goose bumps all over me. I'm.a perv, so I had a lot of s** toys, she helped herself to some, when I needed a break. The best part was making her squirt all over my c*** b**** ass crack. yes she squirts. And that turns me on. Her t*** are big and firm...fuckkkk, shes on my mind a lot.

I've been seeing her for four months, she has met all of my friends and I've met hers, I want to introduce her to my family, but when I'm not with her, I keep thinking shes probably f****** other men. I asked her if I'm the only man in her life, she told me I am, but I don't know.

She is on my mind a lot, but she only sees me twice a week. I need to f*** her more, I've become so obsessed with this girl its killing me.

I have spied on her while she is at work, she caught me 2 days ago. I played it off saying I was just there for a project. She smiled kissed me and massaged my c*** when no one looked. I told her I needed to f*** her again and she told me to go work. I left and all I thought was I wanted to grab her put her down and f*** her hard. I went back in my car and jerked off. I left back for work.
I'm having this fantasy of tying her up so she can't move, and I want yuo f*** her brains out while giving her some pain.

I don't want her to go to any other man. I want her to worship me. If she doesn't, I don't know what ill do. when she cries, starts hitting me with her tiny hands, and tells me to stop when we have s**, it turns me on more, and I f*** her more until she passes out. I make her tell me that I'm her daddy. I love when s he whimpers because of the pain I give
Her. I love looking at her bruised body and her crying in the morning. I apologize to her showing concern, but I'm not really sorry in fact, I want to give her more pain and put my markings all over her.

I'm so obsessed,other women.want me, but I only want this girl...I think I need help...I don't want to end up raping her. I don't want her to work. I just want her home and have her legs spread open for me when I get back from work. I asked her if she would ever consider being a housewife, she told me, her parents didn't part for her education for nothing...but I don't want her to work..I don't want her to expose herself to other men.

I thank her exes for emotionally hurting her, because If it weren't for them, she wouldn't have come in my life.

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  • That was beautiful

  • You need to calm to the h*** down you continue down this road it's gonna be bad

  • Ur welcome!

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