Everything cold but my...

I recently broke up with my gf early this week, and her friend found out and wanted to come talk to me about it. Im a Junior in HS and her friend is a freshman. When her friend came to my house we talked for awhile but as the rain outside began to pick up I offered to walk her home. Its about 42 degrees out and summer recently ended so it felt pretty cold. While we were walking we were "cuddled" up. She started to ask me about my sexual experiences with my ex and other people. She asked me if my ex knew how to give good head I said "I wouldn't know cuz she never gave it to me." Her friend looked at me and said " Well i've always wanted to learn." I told her its not hard and explained the concept. She said she needed to practice so she pulled me over to a tree and out my finger in her mouth and practiced. It got me SO HARD. She started to touch me through my jeans so she pulled it out with her hand and did the real thing. Not going to lie the girl has TALENT...it was great because I was so could and my...wasnt anymore. The tree was blocking some of the rain and my biggest fantasy has been s** in the rain. Only thing I regret is the fact that I didnt f*** her ass right on that tree I mean for a first timer ....her head game is great. Question now is should I tell my ex?

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  • NO NO NO... This girl was h**** for hard c*** and she got what she wanted. Chances are she will continue to suck you off every few days when she gets in heat again. Take advantage of this s***. Not too many will c** around and you will have fond memories of blowing your load down her throat for decades to come. Forget you ex, Keep this girl sucking you off Im certain she will keep it a secret from her friend as telling her will only end their relationship as friends and its obvious she is in heat for c*** !!! Try f****** her next time, I bet you a thousand dollars she will say yes.

  • F*** no... you aren't together anymore, its none of her business. it's not like you'd planned this since before the break up, which would be completely different. you're just a lucky f***.

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