Insicutitues of a teenage girl

TEENAGE GIRLS what are your insicurities, what do you hate about yourself, what do you think.

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  • Well, I hide my tum under oversized shirts and cute sweaters. I'm also embarrassed about being sweaty, since I get nervous a lot. I hate my green eyes, and I hate my frizzy hair.

  • Mainly just crushes, my faith, losing friends, helping my best friend with her crush etc

  • You know....if you don't know how to spell a word you can always google it..I mean your obviously on the net since you were able to post this....insecurities.

  • Chill, man.

  • I've been called fat for more than 4 years so i believe myself to be. I feel i do everything wrong

  • Love you. Don't believe them. You are perfect.

  • You are no better than people who call other people "fat" for no reason. Throwing around positive feedback that has no grounding in reality isn't any better. YOu do not "love" this faceless person (who may or may not be a teenage girl) who you've never met, and while she may be a very fine individual, no one is "perfect." Get off your stupid-assed PC high horse, there are intelligent ways to be supportive to an anonymous person.

  • No you're perfect! Ignore those people who call you fat! They are WRONG. And if they are right, then well, who cares! I have a best friend who is fat- so? Don't let them hurt you! Ill pray for you. God will help you. But listen- YOU ARE PERFECT, EVERY teen who sees this. YOU ARE PERFECT. GOD MADE YOU LIKE YOU ARE AND IS WATCHING YOU NOW AND WANTING TO HELP YOU. You just have to let him. Pray and let him. Read the bible

  • Is this a joke or are you really another retarded Christian

  • I don't like y eyebrows.
    I have small, and not many breakouts.
    I'm quiet, usually.
    I don't like my voice.
    I have many secrets.
    I mastrb.
    I just plain hate myself.

  • Don't listen to the dumbass, you may m********* if you'd like. There is not god, so you're fine. It's normal for everyone to m*********.

  • Read the bible. Don't m*********. Pray

  • I think I might be bisexual

  • I am bisexual as well. There is nothing wrong with that. You are born that way and any sexuality you have is totally fine.
    "God" isn't real. Someone just made it up to explain things that haven't been explained by science.

  • Pray and read the bible. Take a break from the person you think you are bisexual with. I am a teen and I KNOW this is right.

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