Taking advantage of my wifes religion

My wife and I met at church. We both went to church all our lives and so did out parents. Now that we are married though she is very conservative. I decided that I wanted her to dress more sexy and we went and I had her try on some short skirts. I also like tights and high heels. I make her have s** whenever I want it especially after we have been out with her dressed up the way I like.

One day we were at her parents place and she was in the kitchen and started to pour her heart out to her mother about me making her wear skimpy clothes and how I want s** all the time.

I did not hear all the conversation but I over heard her mother say that men have higher s** drive than women and it was a woman's duty to submit to her husband unless what he wanted was in conflict with what the bible stated.

When we got home, I asked her what her mother had said and as well as the bit about submitting, I asked what she had said about the clothes I chose and she said that her mother had said they looked nice. She had said that she probably would not recommend them for church but that there are other times when she should wear them even if it is just for.

Now when she objects to me I ask her where in the bible it speaks against this or what did her mother say about submission.

Jun 1, 2015

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  • This sounds like only a fantasy.

  • Right! I can't imagine my MIL ever saying anything favorable to me. I'm just glad she's dead now

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