Is it bad

There are two girls one is I hate to say "ugly" but she has an amazing personality and the other girl is so hot but she is not exactly smart I like both but I would never go out with the first girl does that make me shallow

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  • Nup, they probably won't want to go out with you. I bet your uglier then them.

  • Lol then ugly one gets super hot one day and hot one gets prego and fat one day.
    What if you were ugly?
    Then the hot one felt like she was too good for you.

    You're shallow

  • Easy fix. Have them both. Bang the s*** out of the hot one, share an emotional relationship with the ugly one. No reason you shouldn't be happy.

  • A little, but you're honest. So the first girl may not be your type physically, but don't leave her out of the running. People can change their looks, but they can't change their personality. You could be passing up on someone who is truly an amazing match for you. Remember, looks fade and beauty is only skin deep. Go out on one date..would it be really that bad?

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