What I do with my tampon applicators

When I go over to someone's house and have my period, and said person doesn't have a garbage in the bathroom in order for me to throw out my tampon applicator.......

I lift the lid of the septic tank and throw it in there instead. :)

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  • That’s just really dumb

  • Carry it out to them, and hand it over. Then ask if they can get a garbage can in there so you can get rid of that more discretely. It'll be there by the end of the day.

  • Lol wtf.. Roll it in toilet paper and flush it really quick before it absorbs all water... I've done it.. works all time :P

  • Well... why wouldn't they have a garbage can in the bathroom... Serves them right. Ps. The septic tank is something underground in the back yard.

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