Cleaning the pipes

Last night I gave into self-gratification in order to relieve myself from stress and pain in my loins that I have kept bottled up for a month. To put it simply; I choked my chicken as a means to let out extreme urges, because I intended to seek a means to find relief after having spent a month working two jobs, attending single events, and participating in weight and kick boxing work outs. Right now, I feel both guilty and relieved. I feel guilty for giving into temptation, yet I also feel relieved that to have uncorked a bottle full of burdens that I did not want to carry around in my life. I will be honest that what I did was not intended for pleasure, just simply relief out of my best judgement through cleaning the pipes that would help me unwind. Funny thing, while I was doing my cleaning, I came to understand that sensual pleasure is not about that at all, because it is strictly about intimate love for two people or for just oneself. Thank you for reading my confession.

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  • I should have been smarter and fixed thing up and been one step ahead of the bullies. how can i now god? how?? tell me how god? how? i need to know now.

  • Seriously...there are people left on this planet who write good English like you and know how to get on the internet and post things...yet have guilt about masturbation ... ? *confused*

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