Ive been married to my hubby 4 almost 4 years. I currently have been talking to my ex boyfriend about having s** with him and rocking his world. my husband is not good in bed at all. and im pretty sure my ex is.. 4 years of bad s** and no o****** at all is getting under my skin. Plus he never really makes s** enjoyable... I want enjoyable s**. i can buy toys, and different kind of stuff to try to make things better between the sheets but it never is... i know this is wrong but id like to have an o***** and it be brought on by a person and not a vibrator!!! Grrr

Oct 9, 2012

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  • If he ain't making you c**, then you have every right to f*** whoever you need to to get it.

  • I think before you cheat you need to talk to your husband. Let him know that your not satisfied. Also the guys not a mind reader how is he supposed to know or even have an idea about what you want. Tell him & teach him what you like. He might surprise you. Encourage him when he gets it right,it may be that he just needs a little bit of confidence. Don't take the easy way out & just cheat, it just says more about you, than him. Who knows, maybe you just don't do it for him either.

  • Oh, puhleeeze! Gimme a break. Talk to your husband....tell him how useless he is when it comes to s**. Give it up, that's a loser from the start. Tme to say goodbye and look for someone else.

  • Go girl get that c*** you crave. You will regret not taking it earlier if you dont. Your husband doesn't even have to find out, Just make sure you brush your teeth before you kiss your husband lol. Also take B-C the last thing you want in to become preg. from you f*** buddie if you want him to come in you.

  • I totally support your reasoning for wanting to cheat. I say go for it. Everyone should get sexual enjoyment.

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