My brother and I.

All s** is fun. Getting it from your brother is hot. My brother and I did it once when our parents were out, and I felt good. I was 16 and needed to get laid. Another time a few months later, he came in my room around 2am and we did it.

The last time we did it was when our parents left us for 2 weeks while they went on a second honeymoon.

My brother and I lived like we were married. We had s** all the time, slept in the same bed for two weeks. It was fun and we tried everything we could thing of.

Near the end of the vacation, we were in bed after a long love making session. I suddenly realized that we had gotten too close. When we went out it was like we were a couple. When we were home, my legs were open.
We were kissing passionately all the time. F****** had changed into making love. Him c****** in me went from enjoyable to, feeling natural. The thought hit me that I am in love with my brother, and I don't think it is a good idea. The thought of getting pregnant was not a scare, it was a nice thought.

When our parents got back, we stopped doing it. I wanted to but I was starting to want his baby too.
We have since moved away, and I have a year left in college, he graduated, and lives with his girl friend.

But every time we see each other I get wet.

Nov 2, 2020

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  • Don't be too afraid of just making it work with the person you've fallen for. My brother and I are 100% in love but we know that its ok to feel that love for other people too. It's just never going to be what we have. It's scary I guess because it's so strong and you can't help thinking about the consequences but it's worked for us. If you feel it, let it grow. Take him back if you get a chance, it's the most amazing feeling in the world! Good luck OP!

  • What 16 year old girl uses the term love making session? None. This is fake fantasy by some 50 year old guy.

  • She says she WAS 16, not that she is 16 now. Don't diss such a heart felt confession, that's just bullying. It's such a relief to be able to talk about this stuff somewhere anonymous. Lots of siblings get involved, it's just s*** that there's so much hate around it :(

  • My Mom used to bathe my sister and I together in this big tub we had at home, until she began to develop b******. Then she bathed us separate. I was old enough to do it myself but I liked her doing it. I was probably 13 and began to get erections, she would suds my genitals up and then use a washcloth on me. That felt really good but nothing ever happened so I didn't even think about it.
    But one day when I was 16, something happened, and Mom had to go to the hospital, so when bath time came I asked my sister, who was a year or so older.
    She said she would, and she did, but she soaped up my p**** so long it went off. That was my first hand job, from my sister.

  • When i was 15,my sister was 13 and in puberty.She was wetting the bed because of it,and just before bedtime,she would take a quick shower then after it was done,she would lay naked on her bed and mom would pin her cloth diapers on her then put the plastic pants on over them and then she would put her nightgown on.After we were in bed and our parents were sound asleep,i would go into her room and get in bed with her.I would rub my hands over her developing b**** and then over her diapers and plastic pants while she would massage my hard d***! Then after a few minutes,i would push her head to my crotch and she would suck my hard d***,then i would come in her mouth and she would swallow my load! This went on untill she was almost 15 and stopped her bedwetting.

  • I had a similar experience in college and it did scare me that I thought i could be falling in love with my brother. Its not common. But it can happen. Just be careful with your heart.

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