I am now a cuckold

My wife said we needed to talk two weeks ago. She started out by telling me that she loved me,but that she needed to have more s** and that I wasn't satisfing her needs. This was very hard to hear but was nothing compared to what she was about to tell me. She asked me not to interupt her until she was done. I agreed. She then told me that I would have some choices to make. I could divorce her or agree to let her "continue" to have s** with other men. She then told me she had been f****** her boss for the last four years. And on her girls night out she was rarely with any girls,she was picking up guys and f****** them. What is interesting and infuriating is that four years is longer than al of the time of us being engaged and married combined.
We then argued and finally she asked if she could show me something on the computer. I agreed. She showed me sites that were about lots of married women who have a hugh s** drive and their husband knowing leting them f*** other men. I actually can't afford financially to divorce her. So I agreed to try this.
She then came clean about some other stuff to. She supposedly went on buisness trips with her boss. But she said mostly they were get aways so they could have s**. And on one se gang banged him abd four of his friends. Also she told me that she f***** one of the guys that I work with.
Last friday evening she brought her boss home from work and he spent the whole night f****** her. I have to say that this is very hard,but at the same time also enjoyable.


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  • My wife has f***** 21 other men in our 27 years of marriage. None were one night stands, many of them f***** her for over a year. This means she was often juggling 3 men in her harem. I always watch, clean her p**** after they c** inside her then guck her myself. Heaven is seeing her on her back moaning as another man shoots sperm inside her.

  • Women who read about this s***, don't know it's often written by someone unexpected... And not in a good way, men for over millennia protected their families... 200years ago, if a man walked in and saw his wife's unfaithful actions, the husband had rights to defend his home. Wasn't until the last 30years this madness came to be. If you think it's acceptable... Then you must seek counseling, for the problem is yourself, a true man whom witness his wife in arms of another, he a man and confront it. In your home you can defend your home as you built the home. Entitlement means to earn, or have earned, or right to. It doesn't mean to have another lover. If your forced into said situation... Then right back, get video, photos, and if needed.. Medical proof of said altercation. Stop with the stupidity and taking your marital vows so lightly. If you have kids, imagine them walking in on your wife with her bull, and your in a cuck position... That is if you actually CARE about them.

  • Welcome to the cuckold world. Try embracing it a little more and I am sure your enjoyment will rise!

  • That really turned me on

  • My wife 56 f*** every saturday whith my best friend and i like m********* my small c***. I love her and i am enjoys. sometimes i suck the c*** of my friend.

  • Hey I love to make new friends with cuckold couple please send me email

  • I have a cute wife that turns heads and gets a lot of hits on. On Friday nights I help her wax and pick her outfit from underwear to earrings. Saturday morning I take her to wherever she tells me and pick her up later when she calls me. During the week she invites guys over for dinner sometimes with their spouses.

  • My wife has her boyfriend over often. I am always dressed efemme and cook them dinner, serve them cocktails then I am tied up in the closet while they f***. sometimes all night.

  • Don't forget to drink your soy and take your estrogen suppliments "boys".

  • Holly f*** you guys are sick and pathetic faggets. If a b**** told be she wants to be f***** by another man I call up 3 call girls and get f***** by them infront of her and then tell her to get the f*** out of my house.

  • Good response... The cucking stuff is looked down as being selfish. If a man is being a wimp... Get him help. If a wife is trying it... Get her to a therapist to find why. As for bulls... Call the cops because they may have a warrant out for them... Get the husband and wife away from the home and stress, a vacation and counseling. Send the husband if need be to something like basic training in the army. Get them to become stronger and more confident in themselves.

  • Stay with her be happy man. Cuckolding is good

  • Good advice!

  • My wife has lovers for almost 15 years since my by pass surgery and my prostate cancer.

  • I have a fetish for playing a cuckold role with my wife accommodating it; partly as it turns her on and partly to indulge my 'dark side'. Boundaries are set including that the other guy has to be older and - in my opinion - not as good looking. It is definitely more role play than our standard sexual fare. We play this out every couple of months. It certainly intensifies our love making. I've analysed my fetish but maybe for another post if people would like to know?

  • Being a cuckold means being dominated and owned by the woman and part of her thrill is watching you submit by doing things most men do not want to do. Once a man accepts his role it becomes easy and even fun. The lovers are usually just props for the wife and often she dominates them as well since she decides when and where. tom pam 9 at hot male

  • I am now a cuckold as well. It all started in Paris. I took pictures of my wife in undies and then set the video camera to film as we had s** by the open window. I loved the video. I left her alone in the hotel room and spent the entire day in a business event. At my return she told me she loved watching herself in the video and asked me to shoot another one. This time facing the mirror so she could see as we had s**. Next morning a left her alone again and headed to my business event. She told me the video turned her so on she masturbated the whole day. She told me she felt kinky and hungry and didn't take much to convince my exhibitionist self to order room service for her to answer in panties while I took a shower.

  • Not a Volunteer but my wife has had other men (and a few women) as s** partners through out our 19 year marriage & before. After much angst, counseling etc I finally agreed to accept this about 10 years ago. While not my first choice it is OK with our marriage surviving fairly well & happily. I actually look forward to her nights out with her main FB & occasional newbies.
    We only have s** occasionally maybe once a month & almost always mutual oral which satisfies me.

  • I have been a cuckolded husband for years. It started with the old "I would like to see my wife f*** another man" thing. Before long I was no longer treated like a husband but as her servant. She began to arrange the men and I would pay for the dinner and motel ,waiting outside in the car in case they wanted anything. My final debasement came when I submitted to one man who insisted on sodomizing me he made sure my wife caught the look on my face as he first pushed his c*** into my ass. I wanted him to stop but he my picture would be posted in gay p*** sites with my name and number if he stopped. Once he squirted his sperm inside of me I felt my manhood disappear... This is what I have become used to.

  • I got into it by mistake. Wife wanted a big c***. I agreed and we did it with a guy we met. She dominated me and i got f***** by the guy. Now I am hooked.

  • The same thing happened to me , but my wife sat in the corner and master bated till she squirted, I started fluffing him after that , and when I was sucking him to hardness she would watch not saying a word per his instructions. Untill finally when he got hard he would take both hands on the side of my head and f*** my mouth until I chocked . After that my wife never wanted to give me any p****

  • Forgot to add, how did it del when he came in you? Being bred like a girl? Must be absolutely intense. Lucky lucky man!

  • He definitely stripped your manhood from you. How did it feel when you felt it slipping away? Giving your manhood to him? I am so jealous! He must have loved it. Must be such a thrill for a man to strip another of all semblance of manhood. Such power to make another man submit to that point. Such utter dominance, they deserve to be bowed to. I want to be you with every fiber of my being. You are so f****** lucky!

  • Must be awesome!

  • i want to be a cuckold but my wife wont have any of it , i only have a same c*** and i now i can not satisfy my wife in bed . any advice i would like to her form men and women

  • Dude just be nice to her encourage her to watch p***

  • Me the same

  • I am a true cuckold and love it . I am not sure if your legit or j********** talking . Anyway my story is true and I would be lying if I said I didn't love it , and my wife does as well. We get aoong better , were nicer . And we are hopnest

  • Same here

  • I havechad to lay in bed lissing to our sons frend f****** my wife was so humlating as i knew our son could hear it to she ewas 39 he 18

  • I believe this story and there are too many people who don't understand that high s** drives are exclusive to men. Women can also have high s** drives, like myself. My husband doesn't care that much about s** and it sucks. I've cheated on him a few times and we separated because of it, but got back together. I still am unsatified with the s** life with my husband and he knows it. He doesn't care, but he'd NEVER go for me f****** other men and he doesn't want a divorce. It's frustrating for me. But, if your situation is ok with you and you just needed to get it off your chest, go for it. And if you're turned on by it, then enjoy!

  • Honestly? F*** him for not f****** you. F*** him hard, f*** him over, f*** his friends, his family, his damn priest if you can... f*** him and his selfish attitude. He doesn't want a divorce? Not his choice - find yourself some d*** and enjoy every throbbing inch of it...

  • Honestly? Because he isn't interested, you get nothing. He is 'content' to let you ache. The word 'selfishness' comes to mind.

  • Could you have a talk with my husband please.. I don't even want to f*** lots of guys. There's only one in mind.

  • Ok tell him that it's not cheating if he knows and that you would love him more and you would share every detail with him and he would always be your number one and don't hold out on him gaurentee it will work my wife does it to me and I used to be the jealous type

  • There are guys such as myself who once had a huge s** drive but the wife did not. Then things reversed and the husband gave up on trying to convert the wife into a hot wife. He cools off and she becomes hot. Now she has the pleasure of sleeping with other men and he enjoys watching. If it is just one guy, the husband might be ok with it, especially if they can get along with each other and become friends. That is the ideal situation for a hot wife; to have a husband and lover who are best friends and are aware of each other.

  • I still have a huge s** drive and I am 45 but my wife gives me more s** whenever she is naughty

  • old c*** is for whale. whale needs food and old c*** can give money to pet the whale.

  • old c*** is endangered. young d*** is good. Just divorce the old c*** and forget it for life! Next time don't make mistake, don't marry old c*** are too retarded on bed.

  • this is the pervert hallucinating story about the girl. LOL dreaming to be her wife. lol everybody wants young c*** not old c***, old c*** is for whale old p**** sagging and hanging by fat layers you know well.

    divorce is the best option. old c*** is not option, old c*** should die saying things. the girl is in her 20s and the perverts are f****** aging 30s and 40 years old and up!

  • My wife went to a Hen Night and came home totally drunk, I locked up and followed her to bed and she had thrown her clothes over the floor and was already asleep.
    I picked up her clothes to take them to the linen basket and there were no panties, she never sleeps in them. There was a damp patch on the bum of her skirt and I smelled it and was shocked by the smell of s****.
    My wife had been shagged!
    After my shock I got so excited and couldn't help but m*********.
    I thought that was it, until the next week she said she and her friends were going out on a girlie night. They go every week now, she never gets too drunk and always comes home with her panties. They always smell of s**** and my wife. I love Fridays.

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