Im sorry.

I realize i posted this before its really bugging me. my friend samantha is havin a bday party and forrest jeffrey farwell, the love of my life, ill be there. im not the skinniest girl and so i was plannibg on hust sitting at not swimming. and now im completely reconsidering going to th party because off the offchance forrest is there. am i overexaggerating? also, a guy i love (like a bro) has a massive crush on me and has asked e out... should j go out with him ? tgeres a small chance forrest might like me so im just wauting for our sadie hawkins dNce so j can work up yhe nerve to ask him...

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  • Go to the swimming party and enjoy yourself, whether Forest goes or not. Wear something cute and just dunk your feet in if you don't feel totally comfortable. But you'll have fun because you'll have other friends there you can talk with. But never let your weight stop you from living or attending things. As for the boys. Sure it's exciting when the love of your life likes you back, but it may not always work out. Sounds like your guy friend took a lot of courage to ask you out. You should go out with him. At least agree to go on little date with him. You will most likely have a lot of fun because you're already friends with him. Just be honest. Tell him you'll go out with him, but you don't want your friendship to be ruined if it doesn't work out. Agree to be mature about things..whatever your age. If you go out with your friend..the Forrest thing may be shelved for a bit. Just remember there is a timing to everything. Your friend stepped up to the plate. And now you don't how Forest feels. Always remember how you would want to be treated if the situation was in reverse. Because you know you wouldn't like to be treated as second best. Hope this helped.

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