Stolen uniform

I stole one of the girl's cheerleading uniforms from school. I had already swiped girl's clothes and shoes many time before from the unclaimed clothes box at school that fit me. I liked wearing panties and wore loose fitting clothing, so no one would see a pantyline. That day I saw a door to a classroom that was normally not open and peeked inside. Nobody was there and inside on a rack were all of the cute cheerleading uniforms, a sleeveless top that zipped down the back and pleated skirt and had a back zipper and button. I secretly wished I could go out for the cheerleading squad and wear that cute uniform, but never would because I was afraid of what others would think, but it was a thrill to fantasize about. I was feeling daring and quickly took my shirt and bottoms right there in that school room and put on the girl's cheerleading uniform I thought would fit and it fit perfectly like it was made for me. It was a rush that I could be caught at any moment while I was dressing and undressing either in panties or in the girl's outfit. I think I have never dressed faster than I did that day. No one knew that I liked to crossdress, so I would have been devasted and had to change schools, but I wanted this uniform badly and knew this might be my only chance to get it. Looking back, it was extremely stupid. I would have been very embarrased if a teacher or girl I knew would have found me wearing that outfit or in panties. I quickly put my other clothes on over the cheerleading uniform and it did not appear to show at all. I headed out of the room and straight for the restroom at school. I checked my reflection in the mirror carefully and realized that I could walk right out and no one would even notice. It was such a high as I walked right past several people and sure enough no one noticed anything. I got home okay. I tore off my clothes to reveal my stolen outfit hiding underneath. I put on ruffly girl socks and shoes I had found in the unclaimed that fit me and looked similar to the ones that the cheerleaders wore. I took off the shell top, put on my sister's bra and stuffed it with pantyhose and replaced the top and zipped it down in the back. I admired myself in the mirror at home. I headed for the toilet and best j******* session ever. I came three times in that stolen cheerleading outfit that day. I dressed up as a cheerleader multiple times for my j********** sessions. I did feel bad about stealing it, but I could never return it or get it professionaly cleaned without someone else finding out about it. I eventually got rid of it a long time later because I was worried someone would find it and the secret would be out. I still feel bad about it sometimes.

Oct 13, 2012

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  • I never stole a uniform although I thought about it. 10 years after graduation I took my yearbook to a seamstress and she made me a majorette uniform. It was a wonderful Friday night when I put the uniform and high white boots on and joined Miss Patricia's majorette team.

  • I was a sophomore when my girlfriend was a junior. She was captain of the junior girls powderpuff football team for the annual juniors vs seniors game. I went to her house after school on the evening of the game. She informed me that they hadn't gotten enough boys to be cheerleaders for their team, so she'd decided I was going to be one. I told her there was no way I was doing that but when I tried to leave, she and two of her friends trapped me in her garage. When her other girl friend showed up with the uniform it was a four on one situation, with her knowing I wouldn't fight a bunch of girls. When they were through with me I was wearing a bra filled out with two small balloons, the maroon and white sleeveless top, pleated skirt with only my tighty-whities underneath, make up and a brown wig with bangs a ponytail and a white hair ribbon. The four of them, all wearing football uniforms and shoulder pads, forced me into the back seat of my own car. My girlfriend's best friend drove us to the school and they ushered me onto the field with with the other guys in bad cheerleader drag. It was very embarrassing but at least I was the pretty one.

  • If I knew then what i do now, I would have let my mother sign me up for Girl Scouts and let the girls gym teacher put me on her Color Guard.

  • I am in my early 20s now and catholic.when i was 15 and 16,my parish did baptisms twice a year-in may and october.All of the girls,preteen and teen girls wore the traditional,all white,'baby girl' type outfits that consisted of a poofy,white,short sleeve,knee length baptism dress and bonnet with lace socks and white mary jane shoes and a tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their dresses.They would bring their dresses in a garment bag,and the rest of their outfit in a diaper bag.Since the baptism portion was toward the end of the mass,they would put their stuff in the bridal dressing room where they would be dressed in their outfits later on.Me and a couple of my buddies would sneak into the bridal dressing room during the mass,lock the door,and go thru the girls diaper bags!We would take out their diaper and plastic pants and sniff them and then scatter their tee shirts,diaper and plastic pants all over the dressing room! Some of the teen girls had plastic pants with babyprints on them in their diaper bags!

  • I too stole a majorette uniform from a girl and wore it a couple of times. I wanted so bad to be her. I even to this day at 48 years old still look for a cute peach prom gown, and or a majorette uniform to wear, except today I buy my own, because Im older and fatter. LOL.

  • This was posted years ago apparently, and I see that I'm not the only boy who was fascinated by these lovely creatures and their amazing outfits. I waited until the end of the school year so that none of the girls would be out a game or money, but I too took a lovely uniform off a storage rack. It was a red and yellow wool jumper dress and they wore it with a yellow blouse and yellow briefs. That uniform brought me many happy hours if fantasies - both wearing it, and imagining being spanked for stealing it by the other members of the squad.

  • It's funny that you said "imagining being spanked for stealing it by the other members of the squad" because a uniform went missing at our school. It wasn't mine but the girl who paid for it was super p*****. The insurance covered it and we got her a new one, but we joked about what we'd do the person (we assumed it was a boy) who stole it. Having bend over each of our laps for a paddling was one of the things we joked about.

    Instead of having to steal, couldn't you have just asked one of the girls if you could get a spanking from the team? LOL (Yeah, I know that would never happen)

  • I know this is a few years late but that cheerleader could have gotten in serious trouble because of YOU, because of you someone had to pay more than 100 dollars and miss a game just because you stole her uniform

  • Lol

  • I was a cheer leader for the Basket Ball team when in my Junior and senior year in high school and one day in my senior year when in the back yard of another cheer leader we were practicing a new move and a few of the team was watching and helping us out a bit when they slipped my tights from me and left me bare assed for the remainder of the day and wouldn't let me have them back under any circumstances. Jamie was already being f***** by the team leader and KI was about to lower myself down onto Ron reverse cow girl when I was tackled from behind thrown down onto the3 ground and all I can remember is seeing something black before I was knocked out but when I awoke the paramedics were working on me saying to lie still and I would be ok, I was bleeding profusely from my v***** and they were trying to get it stopped but wasn't having to good of luck and I went out again. Guess I was going in and out of conscious several times before getting to the ER at the hospital and the first time I really woak up was after I was in the hospital for 3 days already that's when I found out I was raped by a big black and he was shot f****** me by Jamie's father killing him and he called the police and the paramedics. A day later I found out Jamie didn't survive her attack for she died because of the amount of blood loss. That was the last time I ever put on my cheer uniform and I quit the squad when I got out of the hospital. Then the teasing started at school and I quit an got into another school finishing out my senior year and never went to another game of any kind. I haven't got a BF and I only go out on dates if I have known you for at least a month and I have broken a few fingers if my date gets out of hand. Shame cuz I use to like s** but not no more.

  • Way to go! been there, done that! I've stolen literally dozens of cheerleading uniforms over the last 30 years or so, and purchased tons more on ebay. It IS a huge high - both stealing them and f****** them. NO REMORSE! Finders keepers! ;) You should have kept yours. The uniforms typically get retired after a few seasons, and are either sold, given away or tossed in the trash (the HORROR of thinking how many cute cheer outfits now reside in landfills!!! :( ) If anyone ever found it, you could plausibly say you purchased it at a garage sale in your home town and were going to dress up for Halloween. October 31'st is your crossdressing fetish scapegoat! Works like a charm - voice of experience talking here! ;)

  • Why did you throw it away? I still have the cheerleading uniform and several other clothes that I have taken over the years. That uniform still fits me and is special to me. It was a thrill to take. I started off wanking only in mine with panties and a bra I had taken, but soon let to other things to enhance the thrill. I lost my virginity in that cheerleading outfit to a male dog on my back with his knot up my butt and my panties around my thighs. I have worn it for a few men since that time who were glad to see me in it and get inside me. None ever asked where I got it.

  • Are you a guy playing dressup and letting a male dog sodomize you?

  • I did something similar. There was a rack of uniforms by the office that had recently come back from dry-cleaning. I got there early one morning, before any of the office staff. I found one that looked closest to my size and stuffed it into my bag. I couldn't wait to get home that afternoon. My parents were both at work so i had the house to myself. I put on the uniform (sweater & skirt) along with some panties of the right color I had once snagged at the laundromat. For a glorious hour I was able to walk around the house - stopping to m********* 2 or 3 times. I had to hide the uniform carefully because I knew I could never explain it if anyone found it.

  • You should have kept the cheerleading uniform. If I would have been luckly enough to find a cute outfit like that, I would have never thrown it away. You were lucky to have a sister to borrow clothes from.

  • Borrow? I think you mean steal.

  • I used to do that when I was 3 years old. Only with the stuff in the storage closet.

  • Why the need to dress up before you do your wanking?

  • There are just some things that turn us on for reasons unknown.

  • You should feel bad pervert. Make a large donation to the school's cheer department.

  • F*** no

  • No. :P

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