I stole a cheerleading uniform in high school

Back in high school I had stayed late for something and got bored waiting for my ride. I wandered around the hallways and found some cheerleader uniforms that had come back from the drycleaners (back when uniforms were wool skirts & sweaters) and a package of school uniforms that had been delivered for the bookstore. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and then rifled through the cheerleader skirts & sweaters to find a set that was closest to my size. I then stuffed it into the box of girls' uniforms and hid the box in my locker.

The next day I walked home carrying my box of stolen goodies. I was sweating but excited and hard thinking about the fun I was going to have with the blouses, knickers, skirts and the cheerleading getup (alas, no matching spankies with it). I had the house to myself when I got home. The uniforms were of course new but the cheerleading outfit had a name pinned on it. The sweater and skirt belonged to Susan, a girl I've known since 5th grade. We were friendly but had never dated or anything like that. And now I had her cheerleading outfit! The theft was surely discovered by now so there was no way to return it. I just kept it hidden in my room. Any time I saw the cheerleaders at a game I imagined myself in my newly acquired uniform joining them on the edge of the field. No one ever found out that I stole it or the box of girls school uniforms.

I saw Sue for the first time since then at a reunion two weeks ago. She was friendly and we talked about old school times and other light fluffy stuff. She's married with kids, so am I, etc. But what I really wanted to do was apologize to her for stealing her cheerleader uniform.

I have her email address and I can't decide if I should tell her or not. I still have the uniform after these many years and I wonder what she'd do if I returned it?

May 24, 2012

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  • I did something similar too. At the time I thought I was the only one. With the internet now i can see that many boys had the same fantasies I had.

  • Create a fake email address. Use TORR browser to hide your IP address. Email her anonymously and confess everything. Tell her exactly what you did. Apologize to her, but tell her you can't reveal your true identity for obvious reasons. Then see how she replies. If she's totally p***** off, then drop it. If she seems bemused by it, you could drop a VERY subtle hint of who you really are - without totally incriminating yourself! Then the next time you see her, it will make for some interesting conversation hopefully! ;)

  • Noice

  • Have you been in contact with this woman? If she's still friendly with you it's possible (but not likely) that she'd keep your secret. I'm saying this as someone whose locker was broken into my junior year and my swimsuit and a change of clothes were stolen. Years later at a reunion I overheard two guys talking and occasionally looking in my direction. One was telling the other that 'the swimsuit was hers'. I thought about confronting him but then thought it was pointless. If he had walked over and apologized for stealing it back then, I probably would have been p***** at him but I don't think I would have told people. I mean, what's the point?

  • Some things are best left unsaid. Word will get around. Do you want your family and all your old school friends finding out your fondness for wearing girl's outfits wile you were j********** and wonder if you still do that? Get rid of the evidence. Make an anonymous donation to the school to cover the cost of what you took.

  • I both agree and disagree with the previous commenter. She probably does remember (unless this was eons ago and you are 200 years old) that someone stole her uniform. If your high school was like ours, we had to pay for our uniforms and they were expensive! So yeah, I'm sure was might p***** at whoever it was at the time.

    What do you mean by 'fun'? Are we talking about putting on the short little skirts and wanking? She'll want to know what you did with her clothes and since you're being honest, you'll have to tell her you got off while wearing her skirt. Or whatever else you did with it.

    So I do agree with the previous suggestion of just letting it be.

  • In all honesty, she might not even remember that. I remember when I've apologized for things that have happened in the past and they can't remember, so I have to explain and do this weird blow by blow recap. When it's said and done, the conversation takes a weird, awkward silence.

    So, my answer is no. It's probably not that big of a deal now, and she might not know how to react. Best let bygones be bygones.

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