Between a rock and a hard place

I'm still married... we've been serarated for almost 5 yrs. I'm in a relatioship with a great girl. We've been together almost 3 yrs. I really care for the current girlfriend but I'm still totally obsessed with my estranged wife. I don't know if she still cares for me or not. I want to find out but I don't want to upset my girlfriend if it leads nowhere. I have not actually spoken to my ex in at least 1.5 yrs. But I still want her. I'm willing to break off the current relatioship for her. I know that's an a-hole move but if I'm not totally happy with my relationship I feel its worth breaking her heart so she can move on with her life. Help I'm depressed and distracted can't concentrate on work or school because this is the only thing I think about. Any suggestions????

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  • you have not talked to your ex in 1.5 years. Dude, she is not into you anymore. Move on. You are torturing yourself needlessly.

    The only time you should contact her is for her to sign the divorce papers.

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