Peer Pressure

I'm 14 years old, a freshman, and all of my friends have given guys b*******. I have barely even had a boyfriend. I don't know what to do. A part of me wants to give a guy a b****** just so I can feel like I fit in, but I know that I will just get hurt.



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  • I dealt with the same situation too

  • Dont let others push you into something your not ready for

  • Heh heh. hey baby.

  • I think you're a little too young. You're only 14? You have a whole life ahead of you to do that stuff, it doesn't necessarily have to be now. You could get a disease and the guy could tell everyone and it would ruin your rep.

  • Ok what you need is a practice partner.someone older that youtrust that won't tell anyone.this man will teach you everything u need to know about s**.the b******* is just the beginning of a new life with o******.use this person for s** only.he will set u free.

  • I would love to help you learn the knowledge you seek

  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to fit in. There is nothing wrong with giving a b******. And you shouldn't be afraid you're going to get hurt.
    Some people say "Don't jump off a bridge, just because everyone else is doing it." I say "If they are all doing it, there is probably a good reason." never assume that it is bad, just because it looks bad on the surface.
    Me and all my friends started giving b******* freshman year, so don't feel weird about it. My friend Sammy started in 8th grade, and now she is so good at it she can make a guy blow his load in just a couple minutes.

    Also, I just want to say, I really enjoy sucking c***. It's a very nice and unique feeling. Don't listen to what these prudes have to say about it being degrading.

    If you want to talk to someone your own age about it, you can email me

  • I personally think that it is up to you. some people enjoy doing that. but it should be with someone you care about and who cares about you. and you also have to be aware there are stds out there. the number one way herpes is spread is orally. dont want to be branded for life. also remember that guys gossip A LOT nowadays so prepare for the fact that everyone may find out

  • DONT DO IT!!! your friends are gonna be the ones getting hurt being called a s***!!

  • Dont do it because everyone else is.Do it if you want to and think of this,NObody ever got pregnat from giving a b******* and the boy blows a nut,isn't trying to f*** you.Take it from a guy who's first child was born when he was 16 yes i love my little girl very much but i missed so much that my friends got too do. So yes if need be suck a d*** if you want to.
    Good luck

  • Go talk to a cousion and sure they'll let u suck them off get practice and not hurt.

  • Only do it if you want to, not because everyone else is doing it. However, the idiot below who said "Don't do it. It's degrading to women because it only gives the man pleasure" is completely wrong. Many women love to service and give pleasure and it's their choice so there's no degradation whatsoever! :)

  • You better not.Oral s** can make you sick.oral s** is a real turnoff for me.i did it once and that as it for me.Don't do it.

  • I would go down on you first and make you so h**** you would want to blow me.

  • Don't give ANYONE a b****** until he goes down on you first! You can start making out, tell him you want to blow him, and then spring it on him that he's got to get you off in order to earn it himself. Don't be afraid to give him some directions about what to do...most guys never learn!

  • People will tell you to do it or not to do it. Do what you are comfortable with. But remember, it is not that big of deal either way. It is not a life changing decision. Its just a b*******.

  • When i was 14, i didn't know what a b****** is! kids these days scare the s*** out of me! (and i'm not that old)

  • Don't do it. It's degrading to women because it only gives the man pleasure. And you're way too young. Maybe you should hang out with other people, because your friends sound like whores. If they're forcing you to give someone a b******, then they're not worth your time.

  • That's your opinion. I actually find much pleasure in having someone's d*** in my mouth. But I agree, if the OP's friends are forcing her to give someone a bj, then they're not worth her time.

  • When I was your age, my friends and I were more worried about who's house we were going to sleepover at and our grades instead of whether or not we should give someone a b******.

  • Times change old timer, and you need to keep up with them and stop living in the past....LOL

  • Suck every c*** in sight...we appreciate your service.

  • Dont give in to peer pressure! i was 13 and did that and it messed me up on how i think about men. I gave my very first bf a bj at his house after school - he was 17. once i started he forced me to do more and i was affraid to say no. so after i did that he had intercourse with me -like for a few hours and i was very hurt cuz he broke up with me a week later 4 another girl

  • Your friends are s****.

  • Like anything in life, don't do anything until you are ready for it. There is no race or competition. You'll give a guy a bj or have s** or whatever when YOU'RE ready. Don't rush in to anything. And don't believe all your friends stories. There are probably a lot in the crowd who are lying to fit in.

  • You are far to young,don't give in to peer pressure,your friends will be the ones who regret it in the end.

  • Dont do it i am i 14 year old boy and its just nasty we girls do that my friends also agree and I AM SO ANGRY ANOUT SOME OF THE COMMENTS MADE ON HERE AS A REPLY to her if u an old creepy ass whole u just wants to say drity things to young girls and not get caught get the F*** OFF THIS WEB SITE

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