Massage Fantasy

I am a profession male massage therapist in my mid 20s. I've been having this recurring fantasy that a sexy client of mine will want me to go beyond the professional with her. She is completely naked under the sheets and asks me to spend extra time massaging her butt. When she turns over, she asks me if its ok to get a breast massage, and I oblige. She asks me to work out a spot that has been bothering her on her inner thighs. I start working her thighs and she says it's a little higher and asks how her thighs could be so sore. I explain that it can come from dancing or from being sexually active. She says it's probably the later and asks me to work a little high still. By now, I'm bumping her crotch with each stroke, and she is having no reaction. She asks me to check her other thigh to see if it is as sore. Then she asks me to massage both thighs at the same time. I slide my hands under the sheets to work on her thighs, and this lifts the sheet off her enough for me to see her cleanly shaved body. We're both breathing heavy by now, and she tells me how good it feels. Next, she says, "Not to be weird, but are there any muscles in the v*****?" I explain a few of the muscles, and she asks if I would mind giving them a massage too. I apply a little more oil and start massaging her gently while explaining how a good release is one of the best things to help relax. I give her a long massage until she is completely satisfied, and then we schedule her next massage.



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  • That's awesome! make it happen with one of them and come back and tell us all about it with plenty of detail! :)

  • Is this part 2 of your other confession ?

  • I suppose it is. This is an old fantasy that has been reawakened. Now it's all I can do to keep a clear head when I'm giving a massage.

  • I suppose it would not be a good idea for you to watch all the massage p*** that's out there or you will compulsively want to fulfill your fantasy with a client soon..oh, did I say that ??? I'm SO bad. :p

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