Im a plus size woman. And although my friends and family sometimes think i should lose weight, i cant help but love myself! I really do love myself! Am i in denial or is there smething wrong with me? When i see a gorgeous thin woman, im not envious. I support everybody. I can go to the strippers and party and laugh and be genuine and be ok. H***, ill even dance with them too! My blood pressure is 117/60. Im cholesterol free. No high triglycerides. I eat right and take care of myself. But im over 200lbs, and i feel awesome and i love my hourglass body. But ppl think m stupid for loving myself so....whats wrong with me??

Oct 19, 2012

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  • 200lbs ain't s***, I was almost 450 a year ago (am 270-280 now) I'm just sayin, unless you have a seriously f***** up face, I'd definitely still f*** you at my weight

  • People are IDIOTS. IGNORE THEM. Truly loving and accepting yourself is something most people cannot do...even the skinnies and anorexics and some of the most beautiful women in the world are train wrecks. NOTHING is wrong with you. Not everyone is destined by genetics to be skinny. Culture, media and companies who stand to profit LIE to everyone to make them think anyone can weigh 90 pounds.

  • My wife spent years in therapy because dieting never worked as well for her as people want you to think it does. She is not huge, but depending on what she's shopping for she may or may not have to look in different departments, is what I'm saying.

    I find her the most gorgeous thing on human legs. She gained her confidence the hard way and hasn't looked back on the darker days of her formative years. She's always been compassionate, but says she became more so after learning the hard way what it's like to be on the outside of popular opinions/ results.

    She takes care of herself, loves me, and has some good uplifting friends. Not a bad life setup for a "fattie", huh? There's nothing wrong with you, OP. Keep doing your thing!

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