Forgive me for not being able to open up

I fell in love with you from the first time i laid eyes on you. Then people started to come between us. Always knew one day we would be together but things and people have come between us. How can i make it up to this person. They also felt the same way but we could not let people know we were in love with each other. now years later i am hoping for a fresh start where we could do things and different places. please forgive me for not giving you my heart. It is all torn up now not being able to see you every day.

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  • Stop "hoping" and step up. Longing from afar sounds sweet and romantic on a screen, but it's a coward's way of wasting valuable time. S h i t or get off the pot!

  • Open your a hole for


  • Yeh forgive me god that I can't love or like a ugly dog who needs a boot in the head. dirty disgusting woman she is.

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