Never again

I went to a little gathering this last was a great time with alot of drinks. After most left me and two friends sat around talking and I being drink decided to tell about my visit to tje massuse. I explained how it was very erptic and though nothing happened i had secretly wanted it to. After alot of questioning they got me to admit what i wanted to happen. One asked if i would have done it( it was a male massuse and so am i...straight).I said that at that moment id have done anything. Several more drinks later one said 'prove it'. I said no...he unzipped and pulled out a semi h******. My heart was racing...the other pushing gently down on my shoulders said...go it. It was like i didnt think i got on my knees and wet my mouth and took it inside. I was suprised by my own erection . As he pumped i could feel my pants slideong over my hips but at that moment i didnt care. All i could think(being very drunk) was how i must look on all fours with him pumping my mouth and that made me suck harder. Soon though i felt a lubed finger slide into my bottom. Istarted to pull away but really it felt good...kind of wet and warm. He worked it in and out. It was odd...i knew i should say no but at that moment i couldnt. It was very naughty or lewd or whatever you call it but i knew then how a w**** must feel. Then it happened..i felt a much larger thing at my butt. As he pushed i tried to protest but my head and shoulders were held as my mouth got forced into harder and my hips were held tight as he pushed himself inside hurt baad. I vaguely remember gagging as my mouth was full and i couldnt scream. It went in and out of me several times hurting and burning before i finally was able to swallow and stop choking. Im ashamed to say after i swallowed i continued to suck and as i felt his hips slap against my ass i sucked harder. In a while the burning changed to just the feeling of fullness back there as he pumped and pushed and pulled in and out of me. Soon i could feel a pulsing in my mouth and then it was over flowing with warm thick juices. I could not swallow fast enough and choaked a little andcould feel it running down my chin. Finally i could breath but all i managed to do at that point was an ugh ugh ugh sound as he held my hips and pumped my bare bottom. Like before i felt a pulsing feeling as he sped up i think i was not sure but when i felt that hot c** shooting deep inside my bare ass i knew i wanted it in least at that moment i did. Afterward was awkward...i pulled on my pants and wiped my chin...noone said anything. I could feel it running out of my freshly forced bottom...i felt like id been forced or tricked..i dont know but i dont go there anymore.

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  • I had been going to a suck off place in New York called Les Hommes, mostly so I could suck off guys or sometimes take it up the ass. One night I hit it off with this guy who gathered up me and another guy and took us back to his place on the upper west side. he explained that he and his ex had split the apartment and the ex was still upstairs. He put me down on my knees and had me suck the other guy while he entered me from behind and f***** me hard. He made sure I yelled a lot and before he came he made me beg him hard to c** all over me. I love that the ex was listening to me take pleasure from his boyfriend. What a blast that was.

    -- Art

  • I read this post and it has caused me to re consider experimenting. I have considered going on a vacation to a city far fr home and purposlly putting my self in a similar situation. I cant do it here for various reasons. But i love to read stories or watch videos like this. I think its the idea of vulnerability. I want to be helpless and bare with two people(man and woman maybe...or two men or trans) pulling my pants down against my will. I want to feel their thighs against my naked butt and thighs and my mouth being pushed into by a strapon or c***...i want them to use me amd force meto do dirty things. I want to know the feeling of looking up into someones eyes as they force me to suck either through blackmail or physical threat.

  • This is a HOT story...turned me on.

  • Does it sound like he liked it?

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