Can i share my husband with my deaf and dumb sister?

My name is sivai. i am from tamilnadu in south india. i have only one sister 5 years younger to sister is deaf and dump i.e she cant able to hear and speak. my father died when we are young. my mother only look after us. i got married before 5 years, my husband is a nice man. i went to my husband house after marriage. i lived in a joint family with my husband's father, mother, brother and his sister. two years before my mother died. at her last breadth she asked me promise for looking after my sister. i also agreed. then i bring sister to my husband's house. my husband also agreed. after some month my mother in law started scolding me and asked me leave my sister in orphanage or marry to someone.then i started looking after bridegroom but nobody come foreward to marry my sister. oneday my relatives came to my home and we discussed about my sister's life. they suggested me that there only better way for my sister is to be married to my husband itself. they told then mother in law will scold you and also you can take care of your sister. they also told these kind of marriages are coomon in our community and nobody can take care of your deaf and dump sister better than myself. i got shocked. they then told your sister is now in late 30's , you should understood that she also have s** feelings. so its the better way. when i consulted this with my sister, she also agreed with a cry. after that i understood about her feelings. i consult with my husband's family. they also agreed happily. but i not consult with my husband. can i go with this?another information is i am also not having child for past 5 years... this is also one of the reasons.


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  • Please ask God (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) to forgive you for your sins, and give you a new heart. Also, please ask Him to give your sister a miracle, and cast out the spirits of deafness and dumbness within her. Also ask Him to provide her with a husband who will love her. Ask Him to open your womb, and grant you children. Find a good Bible-Believing church, and attend regularly.. Last, ignore the ignorant and foolish comments below. Choose Jesus - He will give you eternal life.
    God bless you honey.

  • Do it only if you can join in with your sister. Sharing separately will cause problems eventually. Your husband shouldn't mind...

  • Eeeeeeewwwwwwwww stupid indian you cant share a husband with anyone, especially your f****** b**** of a siter

  • No need of getting your sister married.just get her signature as a marriage consent.then allow your husband to rape her.once her virginity is gone she won't revolt.tell your husband to f*** your sister many a times a day and soon she will want a child and you shall get it.
    Don't be emotional when your husband rapes her.she deserves to get f*****.try out threesome sometimes.but make sure your hubby c*** inside her p**** always.
    If she is still not pregnant,think over as the problem may be in your husband.then you must find a playboy.decide whether you would get f***** by him or let him play with your sister.

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