He makes me mad and crazy

my stepdad started hitting on me as soon as he married my mom and kept wanting to have an affair on her with me. i finaly got him to stop but now hes hitting on 2 of my girlfreinds and he wont stop so much that i cant even bring them to our house no more. i kno that andrea wont do nothing with him but even tho cheyanne says she wont go with him i think she might be lying because thats the sort of s*** cheyanne would do with an older guy she knows because she did it before with 2 other men. it worries me and it makes me want to move away even from my mom. hes such a perv that i dont want nobody to know were related at all! i just hope he wont ever get with cheyanne because that would be f****** horible.



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  • Agree..tell your mom that she married a perv. And stop being friends with Cheyanne. She'll probably go after your boyfriend.

  • wow its totally weird that you said that because the guy shes dating now was a guy she took from somebody she knows and the guy she dated before him was married to her cousin and cheyanne broke them up. god that really is so weird do you know cheyanne or something? how did you know that?? its kind of freaky.......

  • Lol. No, I don't know her, but that is really strange. From your original post about you thinking that Cheyanne may go after your stepdad anyway. I think that her actions and motivations speak volumes about who she is. I'm guessing she may have been molested or raped when she was younger? Because there are some girls who act out in the same way Cheyanne is doing. She is insecure and wants to be loved so desperately she doesn't care who she hurts in the process. Chances are those relationships don't last long. So when a man flirts or pays attention to her she thinks it's love, she has no boundaries and there are no consequences for her to change or seek help. Or she's just a huge b**** with no morals. Just watch out for her.

  • god you really do seem to know the girl. she never did get raped or nothing as far as i kno but you are absolutely right about her needing to be loved. jesus she talks all the f****** time about how all these guys are "in love" with her and how they want to get with her and for her to be their girlfriend. everybody says shes an attention w**** and does and says all this s*** just to be the center of attention so you were able to see that just exactly right about cheyanne and the way she is because most people dont get her right away and you never even met her and still somehow you know what she is and how she messes with people, well men. maybe i shouldnt say this but when we started our freshman year at high school the guys there voted her in secret as being "the hottest piece of ass" at the whole school. she started dating realy young and even when we were in middle school she was dating high school and college guys and started being really really really sexual waaaaay before any of our group of freinds. so your right that when a man comes on to cheyanne she immediately says he is in love with her and she will get with them real easy even if there married (she totally dont care). WOW i didnt mean to write so much but you seem to really understand us somehow and you obviously know whats up and that is REALLY rare so i guess i felt comfortable to say all that. anyway thanks for taking so much of your time to read my bullshit and to care about me and to warn me about cheyanne and i will be careful and try to keep her off my stepdad and try to keep my stepdad off her. THANK YOU!

  • Tell your mom you idiot...

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