I have a crush on my boss

Im married....just got married a yr ago..been w him for almost 10 yrs tho but hes a doushebag n doesnt treat me rite...i recently got a new job..n my boss is great...hes nice n always makes me smile n laugh..n he makes me feel like he cares for me we talk for hrs at work n on the phone txt often...i know hes into me bc also he pays me more than the other employees...i think i might like him

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  • How old are you , 12 or 13? Your English is atrocious.

  • Stop he using you for s** thing about your husband and childrens ....thnk abut them....

  • You should like him after all the work he's done toward getting into your panties. Make sure it's worth it for him when you finally get that deed done.

  • dont let your marriage get in the way of having and developing a relationship with your boss. just go for it and see what happens. it could lead to something great whether its a great affair or a great relationship or just great great s**. you need to see how it works out with him. so just go for it and enjoy it.

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