I loved you so much it was ridiculous

I loved you so much it was ridiculous, but it's slipping away more and more everyday. I know I'm far from perfect, but think about why you stay with me, why you like me: because I say kind things to you, I give you lots of affection, I'm loving towards you. Well, don't you think I want the same things from a partner?

Research has proven that for a relationship to succeed, the ratio of positive to negative statements has to be 5 to 1. So basically, if you’re going to be critical/judgmental of me once in a while, that’s fine, but it’s about balance. If you could say nice or affectionate things to me once in awhile too, we’d be a lot more likely to survive. I don't need a man who's rich. I just want someone who I don't have to wonder if they love me, or if they stay with me because they prefer it to being alone.

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  • It is very true that negative comments outway positive comments 5 to 1. However. that is not the fault of the person giving out the comments, it is our own fault for being so critical of ourselves. It is a lot easier to believe something bad about ourselves than something good. Men in general have a hard time expressing themselves, especially when it comes to love. He thinks "I love you" is not really nescasary, so he should be proving his love through his actions (if he really loves you), but you have to tell him what you need to hear from him, and let him know that some of his complaints hurt your feelings sometimes.

  • don't take dating, relationships and s** so serious until you are 30ish. puppy love is just that. enjoy it. have fun. be safe. sometimes the best relationships last 30 days!

  • WTF??? Love totally can be in the past tense!!! Are you stupid??? Thats like saying if you lose a friend you were never friends. Thats bullshit. Things change, people change.

  • Love doesn't have a past tense. Either you love someone, or you never did. And stop bringing research and statistics into this! Your mind is set on a certain ratio, and you're making things worse for yourself. Follow your heart. If love was meant to be thought about with your brain, we wouldn't symbolize it with a heart, we'd symbolize it with a brain. And I wouldn't like a pillow that said "I Brain You" on it.
    But I see what you're saying, it's a give and take situation. Talk to him about it. If he can't deal with that, or if it upsets him or gets him mad, forget about him. You deserve better. :)

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