Conflicted about him

I don't know why I am sooooooo angry at someone I supposedly care about. He's done and he keeps doing some things that he keeps having reasonable, plausible explanations for....but on some level I don't believe all these explanations, maybe it's because I don't LIKE the explanations or reasons given to me, I don't know. I don't like some things he is doing and expects of me in response and he knows it. Isn't really changing anything. I keep having to make adjustments. Maybe I just want to be angry. Not sure. Second guessing myself a lot...trying to see his side of things. Nevertheless my increasing confusion and feeling like this relationship is playing with my head majorly has my rage suddenly boiled up and it's like I want nothing to do with him lately. I don't even know how to address my feelings rationally with him, at this point. Part of me think he's told a few white lies to me and another part of me, knowing him quite well, can't believe he would do that. Am I just overriding my gut feelings that are telling me this isn't working, that we should be done? Should I just back off him for a while until I figure things out? What if I never figure things out and I just fall away because it's easier than increasing confrontatations? I don't want to tell him to his face he's a liar just because I'm angry and find out I'm unforgivably wrong. I also feel he's manipulating me and it is making me want to just end things. How does one know when to stop giving someone the benefit of your doubts and to just move on? I need help.

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  • Well, it's obvious the guy is playing you. Even to you it's obvious. His "white lies" are probably shielding some that are not so white. You are acting like a victim when the truth is, you are enabling whatever he has going.

    You do not provide enough information on what he's up to, but we can assume it has to do with infidelity because that's usually what it is. Or he could be a pathological liar, where his lies have no apparent reason and he seems to actually believe them himself.

    Anyway, good luck.

  • Great, I respond seriously this morning and no response from you.

    You know, I very easily could have said something like "Baby, you're being wronged. You need a real man. A stand-up man who will worship you and love you always. You need someone who is strong but tender when it counts. Who is comfortable enough with who he is to exude confidence. You need a loving, caring, manly man who will f*** the s*** out of you."

    You're welcome.

  • Oh, and by the way, your SECOND recommendation, although sarcastic, is ALSO a good one ! That IS what I need (at least the "f*** the s*** out of you part.") How did you know ??

  • Sorry ! I just got to read this reply now (I am not surgically attached to my computer.) So thank you for your original thoughtful reply.

  • Great, 48 views and nobody has any thoughts for me? Nothing?

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