I love my friend's dad

I love my friend's dad and I can't help it. I know he loves me too and we need to be together. I mean it's weird because I look a lot like his daughter. And one time we did things in her room. I think it would ruin things between me and my friend but it's both exciting and terrible keeping this secret.

May 3, 2021

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  • You know what johnny boy i had enough of your s*** and lies do me a favor stalk someone else you think you know me well you don't just because you put out my addresses and phone numbers that are no longer in service doesn't mean you do look stop it now i am pretending to be my sister and saying things that are not true you have no heart or soul you make a living out of making people's lives much worse i am afraid to go home knowing you are going to be there spying on me and then you know where my sister lives but you have not yet showed up i am scared to sleep knowing you will be in my nightmares so please just stop ok i will not be on here again just leave me alone ok

  • Here's a new challenge for you Tiktokers and YouTubers out there, it's the Toenail Sandwich Challenge.

    It involves wearing Flip Flops to a Subway and ordering a $5 Footlong Sandwich.

    Then after ordering your sandwich take your flops off to go use the restroom and put your bare feet in the toilets.

    Then exit the restroom and go to your table and start smelling your feet to get attention.

    Then open your sandwich, put your foot in your sandwich, and suck your toes on your sandwich until Subway Employees kick you out of the store.

    So come on het to it, this is the newest Viral Trend like Tide Pod Eating, Condom Snorting, and Gorilla Gluing your hair.

    So Come on Let's Go Eat some Toenail Sandwiches on Youtube and Tiktok,

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