I have beeb dating my boyfriend for 1

I have beeb dating my boyfriend for 1 year now everthing was going good until he cheated on me with my best friend.I broke up with him when i found out that he was cheating on me but after we broke up he kept calling me and texting me saying he's sorry for what he did.And he won't do it again so i took him back but now i don't think i should have because now i still think he's cheating on me but i don't know for sure.I don't know what i shoule do i love him so much and we have a 4 week old son together and i don't want my son growing up with out a father in his life like i did.But i can't keep asking him ever single day for the rest of our life's if he is still cheating on me or not.I don't know what i should do i might just take my son and just move on with out him because i can't and won't be with a guy who has too go out and find a girl to have s** with when i'm right there for you.I can't take a other guy cheating on me again.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • He has a four week old son and he thinks about another woman as opposed to being a dad, sounds like you have no choice....

  • 2 choices: 1. Leave him 2. Get over it, stop being insecure, and move on.

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