I'm a guy, I'm straight, but have this

I'm a guy, I'm straight, but have this curiousity about giving a b******. I may actually do it by the end of this weekend if possible, and am nervous and embarrassed at the same time, but I want to see what it's like.

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  • I do not find men attractive. Ever since puberty all I could think about is p****. I find girls to be attractive. But every once in a while I wonder what it would be like to suck a d***. I don't know why. I hate the urge. I don't know.

  • That's pretty normal. I felt the same way, and lots of guys do. I finally had a chance to try it. To me it was fun and real turn on. Nothing wrong with that.

  • You are definitely Bi. The thought of doing that to another man does not enter the mind of a straight man, and if by some chance it does, he would be too disguisted with himself to admit it, even anonymously

  • Do it. That's cute.

  • oh mi god, i think this is the sexiest confession ever! I like gay guys because they are so hot(Im a girl) and even though u said you are maybe just bi, I still think its super hot. Oh now Im gonna go touch myself. hehe!1

  • ive known a few dudes whove messed around with guys but would never "be" with a guy romantically i think its just a s** thing sometimes...doesnt exactly make them gay persay

  • Nothing to it. Have fun with it and all will be ok.

  • Heh.

    See, I love this.

    You've got people, on the internet, believing they're morally superior to one another.

    I saw this on a furry board, or maybe it was fapchan.

    Either way, it was funny the way one pervert {we're all perverts} was totally into childhood cartoon characters boning each other, but as soon as it was gay childhood cartoon characters, he was disgusted and called the other a pervert.

    Hilarity ensued.


    If a person likes w***, that doesn't necessarily make them gay.

    A guy is gay when he has the desire to have s** exclusively with men. If a guy likes c***, but doesn't like having s** with men, he's not gay. Not yet, anyhow.

  • i want to point a gun at my head and see if it goes off. i am really curious to see what happens...


  • *I did it. And completed it. Guess I have some satisfaction from being able to. Aside from that, I'm not quite sure how I feel. I'm still turned on by women, I don't feel "gay", and I actually had a female friend there to talk me thru it!

  • *Well, again, I'm not gay. Possibly bi though. Anyway, I may be going thru with this in two days, so.. I'll let you know what I thought and how it was!

  • Until you start refusing s** to females, but like the c***, you are bi-sexual. Its weird. Ultra gay people might think BI's are too straight for them. (Oh my GOSH! How can you stand that stinky v*****? *with lisp*). And hetros have a stance where its all black or white. No shades of grey so no curiosity is allowed. (You have caught the Gay! Don't touch me or I'll get aids! *most manly of manly voice*) Folks who act like this feel that their own sexuality is in question just by knowing you and you shall be humiliated/shunned for it. That, or they are just ignorant bigots.

    But... there are some sane people who don't give a s*** about what you do behind closed doors. Bless them.

    Poster above me. If you've ever watched some p*** with Peter North, you're gay. He started out in gay p***, therefore is nothing but gay. You've been getting off to a gay guy who f**** girls for a living. Also, watching p*** itself is a gay. You are focusing on someone else's p**** doing the work. Don't tell me that you're fantasizing that its you in the video. Admiring some dudes d*** as yours sounds pretty gay by your standards.

    Original poster. Practice and suck your own c***. It'll be like masturbation with your hand. Its just another way to get off. If thats too gay for people who judge you, they are gay too for touching a p**** for too long too. If at a urinal, 3 shakes or you are playing with yourself. Whoops! Four shakes! I'M GAY!

    I know I used some stereotypical phrases. And I know there are the most b****, well muscled, gay guys who can kick most anyones ass. I used it to make a point. Its all in good fun. (Except for the bigots.)

  • f**

  • That may be by your definintion but not by mine. If he gives a BJ then that is gay...no grey area there.
    Each to their own but do not hide behind what is obvious to cover it up with smoke in mirrors.

  • That by definition is not gay. Now if when you saw a p****, you got erect and wanted to...well you know, then yes sir, you are most definately gay. If you just want to suck one than i dont see the problem. I sure as h*** wouldnt do it though. I am not reprssing any urges. I simply am not attracted to the same s** whatsoever. I realize the beginning of this comment is toalt nonsense

  • I am straight, and possibly even bi-curious. For the person that left the 3rd comment - Thank you. For the person that left the 4th comment - open your mind, it's good for you.

  • Nope i do not think you are straight....Maybe you think you are but not with this urge. I am straight and do not ever have this urge.

  • Good on you for being able to admit this urge to yourself. Most straight guys would repress it for fear that it makes them gay. Hope it turns out well for you.

  • Not yet, but probably soon..


  • Wow, this was years ago now! But, yes, I went thru with it. It was an interesting experience, and, I found out what girls go thru to do it themselves! It took longer than I thought, my mouth/jaw got sore, but, I made him finish, and even swallowed.

    I have since had a girlfriend, with whom it didn't work out. We're still friends, I just had issues being with her. I have now been with another girl for about a year now, and we have a great relationship. So, no, it didn't make me gay. I told both girlfriends since, and they were not disgusted by it.

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