Hate my girlfriends kid

After 7 years of helping raise my girlfriends kid I can finally say I f****** hate him. I didn't even know it was possible to hate a kid it sounds like something so horrid. However I do. He is entitled ungrateful a smart mouth. He doesn't respect me even though I have been the only provider in the household for over 4 years. He calls me the roommate. All my girlfriend nieces and nephews like me call me aunt. But this kid doesn't even try to talk to me he walks around like he owns the house. Always bragging about how his dad that still lives with his mother at 30 is so much better and buys him more gifts etc. He constantly says men are stronger than women. If I say I'm cold he says oh it's cause you are a girl I'm not cause boys don't get cold like girls. Are you kidding me! It's my income that feeds you and puts a roof over your head when your dad hasn't paid child support in years are you blind. Well whatever I finally decided that this is not anything close to a family at least not a family I want to be a part of. So after nearly 8 years im going to move out and let them get another idiot to pay their bills another "roommate ".

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  • Why isn't the mother keeping his s***** attitude in check? s***, I'd leave too.

  • People can be a******* at any age I remember a lot of them in school

  • He's resisting the idea of his mother being a lesbian, and of all his friends knowing that's his mother's status, and is taking it out on you. It's just not plausible that you didn't see this coming.

  • Sounds like his "dad" is feeding him thoughts, because where else is he getting it? And his mother doesn't help the situation, because it sounds like she does nothing to correct him. And/or maybe he feels that if he does like you, then he's somehow choosing you over his dad. It shouldn't be a competition, but it sounds like it's become one. You have to remember that he is still a child dealing with parents that have divorced. Are they able to co parent amicably? Have you actually sat down with him and just talk with him? See what he has to say? You entered into a relationship with a woman with a child. If you chose to work and provide for them, that's your choice. You cannot tell this child that as some argument point. You're the adult, he's the kid that's not why he's acting out.

  • Talk to the mother about this situation with her son. He should show you some respect even if he doesn't like you. The mother should be the one to teach him how to respect grown-ups.

  • U.R. H***

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