okay, here's the deal. There's this

okay, here's the deal. There's this girl that I'm in love with. She's currently in a relationship where her boyfriend is simply afraid of losing her. He threatens her saying he'll commit suicide if she leaves him. So she's miserable with him, but feels chained down to him. I simply want to help her, but she doesn't want the guilt of someone committing suicide on her shoulders. So she feels like she can't leave. This boyfriend, is a scumbag. he does drugs, pressures her into s**, dropped out of school, steals, neglects her for Halo 3, and then does the whole "I'm going to kill myself" spiel. What should I do..?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • That guy needs to get some damn help ASAP!

  • ^ Yes ^ MAybe you should kick his ass!

  • Tell her YOU'RE going to commit suicide if she doesn't leave him?

    And ask which would she prefer?

    haha, just kidding!

    And I don't know. Tell her to grow some b**** and stop lying to herself and to her boyfriend about wanting to be with him.Try to get her to realize that her boyfriend controls his own actions and not her. She is not God, she does not have an almighty power over other people where she can make them do things that they don't want to do.

  • mind your busines and find your own girl people get kill for that she is not your girl so stay way before the drug head kills you and commit suicide be warned

  • Exactly! She’s not your girl so get your own! God won’t send you a soulmate involved with someone else already.

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