I was raped....3 years ago and it still

I was raped....3 years ago and it still haunts me everyday. Everytime I go by the apartment complex, everytime I hear your name, I think back. In your bedroom, all the blood, you sticking me in the shower, forcing me to give you oral in the bathroom. I took another shot to try and make it go away, I guess it really was my fault, I took the shots, I kept drinking, I let her leave with him and wanted to stay myself. I've overcome you now, I am in a happy loving relationship and he knows all about you. If I ever see you again, I want you to know that you have NO control over me! I walk everyday with my head high knowing that you have to live with this, you must regret it EVERY day.... I am letting you go, know and forever!

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  • all i can say im glad you let that pain out

  • ^Attention seeking p**** say what?

  • Congradulations on being amazing - cuz its tough stuff!! I admire you :)

  • ^ i agree.

  • OP ignore these stupid f******. You sound like an incredibly strong person its very admirable. I'm sorry that happened to you, but they have to live with what they did everyday of their life it will eat them up inside. But you sound like you're life's going from strength to strength, well done and good luck :)

  • Anonymous you are pathetic attention seekers and I see right through you. You are deluded, messed up freaks. Yeah yeah I could go on and on about how sick and twisted you are but since it's not reaching any ears, within a year or two I'll just go right on back to busting your stupid schemes right under your noses since that is way more fun!

    OP, don't pay any attention to the freaks making stupid comments on this post. It could be just casual fun for them or it could be an organized raid. These people are sick and the more you respond to them the more you feed their deluded ego's and their fun. If anybody reading this wants to do OP a favor, don't feed the trolls no matter what they say period. It's the most offensive solution to their sick fun.

    I'm glad that OP is recovering, not all that many women seem to be making that choice and you are setting a great example!

  • wow these people are insane. I'm sorry that happened to you. It is never ok, even if you were drunk. If you didn't say yes, it is rape. The fact that you had had a few drinks doesn't make it less of a rape. There is a charge they could put on the guy that is something like "sexual assault/victim could not consent". I encourage you to look into reporting this.

  • whoever did that needs to die

  • Sorry that happened to you.

  • Ha Ha.

  • Yeah, and I'll rape you again, you w****!!

  • You deserved it, b****. I made you do it in the bathroom, because there is no difference between you and the g******* toilet.

  • He's some 4Chan dude. Go away with your memes.

  • but everyones deeper than one experience, everyone has way more to offer than a horrible memory

  • wow...way to be f***** up and respond like that...

    i can totally relate to this story and letting it go is all you can do we all make stupid mistakes, and some people enjoy taking advantage of that.

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