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So.. ever since I got with my boyfriend I was happy at first but I can't help but hate how negative he can be when just existing everyday there's a problem and everyday he has a break down...I know most of this can round up to family issues and stuff but I can't help but get stressed out over it I've been playing this game for a year and he still hasn't kissed or touch me in that time and everytime we are alone together he just doesn't want me near him at all and even hit me I'm assuming playfully cuse we laughed it off but I'm sensitive and I kinda cried in the bathroom over it.. i feel like I can't share any of my problems to him or hes going to hurt himself over it and it stresses me out I don't want to break up with him cuse he might not do good things to himself but like I don't know if I truly am in love with him I've never really been in love with anyone so idk how I'm supposed to feel while "in love" but I'm sure it's not this.. I've just been stressed out lately and idk what to do and needed to get this off my chest a little

13 days
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  • Run now, it only gets harder in time. He is using you as a crutch and your guilt about taking yourself out of this sitarist ion will only get worse with time. Run!

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