Sometimes I still wish I would have had

Sometimes I still wish I would have had an abortion... Although I could never forgive myself if I did.

Raising this child is my punishment, and my greatest achivement.

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  • from the confessor-----Just so you know, I was on birth control, so please don't lecture me. I tried for 5 years to have a baby, on fertility medications with my husband. He cheated on me and I found out 2 weeks after he left me for her that I was pregnant. He's never seen his daughter. Don't judge me because I wonder sometimes what my life would be like... I love my child enough to sacrific my happiness for his. Like I said, MY punishment... and my greatest ACHIVEMENT.

    Dont assume that everyone who gets pregnants on acciident was a stupid person that didn't protect themselves. Sometimes contraceptives aren't always effective.

  • birth control does work and I have been on it for the past 6 years and havent gotten pregnant so thats all you had to do, there are women out there who would kill to have what you have you ungrateful b****!

  • I can see both sides of this, but I lean more toward the mean ones, sorry! This is no way for a mother to feel about her child. Having a child is a blessing, and it is not punishment! It is awesome to be able to raise a child, and watch them grow. I do beleive in abortion, and I think it should ALWAYS be available to people, but you shouldn't have children if you don't want them.

  • to the commenter above---sometimes birth control doesn't work........

  • I agree with that comment that said you should be shot because if you didn't want to have kids you should have been on the pill or you should have used a condom OR KEEP YOUR NASTY ASS LEGS CLOSED YOU STUPIED B****!!!.

  • why does it have to be a man!! that hurts my feelings... i understand its different for a mother than a father, for the reason they carry the child until birth, i understand the feelings you may have now, but when the kid is older it may pass. if not talk to a therapist sounds like you are still stuck in the postpartum depression

  • The comment above was probably from some christian virgin, or a man. Hooray for making your own decision and then speaking honestly about it. Hooray for people having different ideas.

  • you're a b**** mother and should be shot

  • i had an abortion. sometimes i feel bad about it, around the time that i had it done, but very rarely. i'd say it was one of the best decisions of my life. good for you though.

  • i know exactly how you feel.

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