I Can't Forgive You

I can't forgive you for leaving me here alone.
I can't forgive you for being just like the rest.
I can't forgive you for all the nights I've cried myself to sleep.
I can't forgive you, oh no I can't...not this time babe.
I can't forgive you for all those broken promises.
I can't forgive you for breaking my heart.
I can't forgive you for wasting my time for two years.
I can't forgive you for the way you let her treat me.
I can't forgive you for the lies.
I can't forgive you for just walking out completely.
I really CAN'T forgive you for letting Alex go so easily.
That was our child. Our future. That was us, just like we PLANNED him.
But babe, I will struggle for months without you.
I will hurt.
I will cry.
I will call you, but receive no answer each time.
I will hurt even more.
But eventually those nights I cry myself to sleep will end.
My heart will slowly fall back together again.
I will learn NEVER to walk away from the one I truly love.
I will be better and prove to everyone I will be better then you were in the end.
I will pull myself together not because I need to, but I will have to.
Because this time I am going to be strong for myself.
I'm going to be strong for Alex and his sibling.
But babe, I can only take so much hurt and pain.
I'm only human at the end of the day.
I will make mistakes, I will hurt those around me

I will be stronger then that!

But I will love you. Like I always have and will.
Our Family may be broken...and thats okay... I'll be here cleaning it all up. When you find you babe come back home to us.

Love forever and always,
Kristina and Alex

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  • Wish i cud change ur things n make u happy again .. for i experience same pain .. y life is so hard why we love n wont forget one who wont csre our tears...

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