I'm a liar and I can't have him know.

I want to leave my husband. But he is a wonderful man. Although he has serious financial problems, deep in my heart I know they can be fixed. The real problem - that I haven’t told him - is that I have cheated on him 14 times. I’m like a female version of Tiger Woods. He knows only about one time that I’ve cheated. I know he can’t forgive me. I can’t forgive me either. I tell him I need to leave him to find myself. But realistically I’ve been unfair to him and know that if I stay, I will continue to cheat on him. I’ve had a very rough sexual past. I know I need to seek therapy because my addictions to s** are too much for me to handle at this point. I just wish there was a way to just go without having to hurt him or explain too much.

Feb 11, 2011

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  • How often do u shave ur p****

  • If you've already cheated on your husband once that he knows about he will not be stupid when you decide to leave. I understand you don't want to hurt him but there is no way not to hurt him. Im glad you realize you need professional help. Let your husband know thar you realize you need help and don't like yourself or what your doing. Let him to decide what to do. It will be the first step towards an improved you. Fund a good counselor who can help you. Even on ce you leave your husband you will never be able to find true intimacy until you do. Good luck!~ Mystic

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