I masturbated in pantyhose

I had to wear compression stockings after a minor operation for 30 days, but the white single leg ones they sent me home with kept falling down. My wife bought me some support pantyhose. She bought me 2 pairs and told me that since I wouldn't be wearing underwear I needed to wash them every day. The next morning when I put them on I got an erection. The pantyhose felt so erotic and sensual that it wouldn't go away. My wife had already gone to work, so I masturbated. Next day, same thing. I wore them for 4 weeks and masturbated almost every day. On the weekends I would skip it unless I got an erection during the day, then I would do it in the bathroom. After 5 weeks the wife asked why I was still wearing the pantyhose. I was too embarassed to tell her that wearing them gave me an erection and how much I enjoyed wearing them. I told her that I got mixed up about the date and quit wearing them. She stored them in the closet in a box with the ace bandages, but she is so neat I am afraid that she will notice if I put them back differently, so I haven't worn them again. I'm too embarassed to tell her about this fetish.

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  • Buy some for yourself and keep them hidden.

    Maybe you should try panties with them too.

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