How do i get what i want?

I want to be tied down, choked, spanked while being f*****. i want it shoved up my @$$ until i either c** or cry, i want to be raped... dragged to the bedroom by my hair and hand cuffed. i have told my husband these things, but i dont think he truly understands what i mean, hes put his hand around my throat little, and we've played with cuffs. but i want to be abused, i want to feel dirty and used like a s***. i dont want him to ask if its good or ok or if im comfortable... i want to be taken. hes just not very dominate i guess, he always wants me on top but i dont even really enjoy it anymore, all i can think about is getting slapped and shoved onto my knees and raped up the @$$ :(

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  • Fetlife. Com. Check it out

  • Tallpaul 1215 at ya hoo. Send me a message

  • Oh my god you are the type of lady I want, I wish I had a lady with those desires I would f*** so hard that you would scream and cry.. I love rough s** slapping the ass hard till it becomes know what I mean.. Just by reading your story I am hard as a rock and very h****, Anyway if you happen to live in Australia leave a message and we can always meet up darling..

  • I took your advice... i had a bbc i met online come over and hold me down... it was incredible everything i had thought of. hubby was ok with it!

  • i am sorry to be the one to say it but your husband isnt going to be able to satisfy you so you need to get a boyfriend on the side who can satisfy you. you already know thats the answer and the solution so you need to get to it. a woman as incredibly and intensely sexual as you will have NO trouble finding a dominant man to give you what you need. go find yourself a real man honey and stop waiting for your husband to become one. he isnt and you know he isnt. you know what you need now go find it. start tonight at a local bar. your wasting you time and your wasting your life.

  • Talk to him about your fantasy and about roleplaying and establish safe words. Maybe you need to start slower and come up with other scenarios and build up to your fantasy. Keep in mind, sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality.

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