I´m scared I have a mental desease

Hey, Im a female, 21. Since I remember I've always found sexually atractive the stomach, like pushing it and watching the person moan with pain ore pleassure. I simply don't want to hurt anyone, so I don't like it when it's extreme or very real, I prefer like having fantasies that I'm a doctor and I have to give my partener a good belly masage and press it sometimes and asking if it's ok. I don't like punching though I sometimes enjoy watching it on youtube. I'm terrebly scared of being a sadic or something, I don't like practicing hurting people's stomach but sometimes I like watching it and it excites me a lot. I've always been sooooo terribly scared of telling this, nobody knows, not even my boyfriend who I really love and who I will never do something bad to. Should I tell him or will he think I'm sick and simply run away? I've always thought this is some kind of dark secret and that I'm an evil creature. Besides from that I'm such a nice person, pretty, talented, helping, sensitive, funny and so on... I don't understand this part of my personality but I simply want to know if it's a desease. Thanks a lot.

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  • This sounds innocent to me. Many people have unusual fantasies and yours doesn't sound bad. The fact you don't want to hurt anyone makes the fantasy seem okay. If you worry you could have a sadistic streak with it, you could always research it to learn more about it and how to control it or even seek some counselling about it, but I don't think you need to take that step. Honestly, it doesn't sound bad and I think you could tell your boyfriend about it. It might even add some spice to your relationship.

  • I live in Austin Texas and am wanting to form a support group for people with this fetish.
    If anyone wants to visit Austin, Texas, show off your beautiful tummies on Congress Avenue (the street that ends at the State Capitol).
    Also, we can gather at the Bat Bridge at sunset!!! Peace <3

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