I'm superiorrrrrrrrrrrr!

I confess....that I'm better than you. I'm ** awesome. I go around and pretend I hate myself, pretend I think I'm some stupid inferior idiot, when inside I KNOW I'm better than all you dumbasses! HAHAHAHAHA! I think it's hilarious!! I act like a self-hating ** when really I find myself above everyone! I should be ** adored. I want to stand in front of a crowd and be cheered for. It's what I deserve, after all, since I'm far superior than the rest of these parasites.

And then when people tell me I'm stupid and **, I can shrug it off so easily because ** Off, I'm Better Than You, that's why.

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  • Yeahhhhh CONSUELA from familyGay......loser

  • Wooooo wait thats not stewie.she is fukin dumb "consuela".

  • when you move out of you parents basement you'll realize you a ** who cant do **, that is if i dont find out who you are and come light you on fire first.

  • When did Stewie start posting here?

  • UH huh.

    Has it ever crossed your mind that some people never get into situations where they are called dumbasses? Idiots? And therefore never have the need to secretly feel superior?

    But go ahead. Feel superior to me. I am afraid I won't be paying much attention to you, as these little mind games seem SOOOO grade school to me.

  • wow you sound just like my friend blake... blake is that you? haha not kidding the statements seems just like something he would say. and ps no one is better then anyone. you'll be better off when you realize this

  • wow......r u my brother in law?!?!?!

  • hitler is that you?

  • No, Anonymous. I, Anonymous, am better than you. Way better. My syntax is better, my font is better. I'm just better.

  • I could have written this, but I'm busy being worshipped right now. Isn't it great just being better than everyone?

  • husband! is that you? get your ** off the computer and come and cook dinner!!! And I thought you were playing WOW Sheesh!!!

  • you people are such haters. This guy is awesome. Quit being such whiny brats. Also, all you repliers who are trying to sound smart and ** (namely the guy above me), stop it. You fail. why the ** would u use lastly there? you wrote two sentences.

  • You didn't explain -how- or -why- you are better? Also, these things are relative, not absolute. Lastly, if you really do believe what you wrote, um....what on earth are doing on this website, wouldn't you want to be as far away ''from the madding crowd'' (to quote a book title) as possible? Sorry man, it doesn't add up at all. Not at all.

  • you are lying to yourself

  • you're sad and living a big lie.

  • So you think you are superior to us! We got gay ** hahahahahaha born in the usa! hahahahahhahha All against one dumbass girl! see that! hahahaaha! I love my own comment!

  • the more power saying is so lame but if you want to believe your going to have or have the "power" has you seems to think you do, then your in for a real shock when you enter the real world don't you just feel sorry for these reprobates.

  • You need grammar lessons.^^(:

  • I feel much better now knowing this. So when do you get off shift at Denny's again? When I grow up I want to be just like you. You are my idol. Marry me.

  • your awesome^^(:

  • hey, hitler. World is moving at a faster pace than you. It won't take much for government tos kill you.

  • More power to you. Let me know when the plan for world ** follows through.

  • Hahahahahahahahah ** dude. Lay off the tetstrone. Good plan? Thanks :)

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