My Girlfriend Doesn't Know

My girlfriend works during the day. I stay home and watch tv because I don't like working and my girlfriend makes enough to pay the bills and buy me s***. It is a good life. But sometimes I get a little bored sitting inside my girlfriend's trailer with the small ass rooms. So I started messing around with my girlfriend's sister who has bigger t*** than my girlfriend, but who's kind of a s*** so I got just a s** thing going on with her and I'm not cheating on my girlfriend in a way that would hurt our relationship or make me leave her. Thanks to the s*** sister I don't get bored much anymore. I go over to her place for a a little luvin and I get some more when my wife comes home. I got it made. My friends call me Studpuppy because I'm messing around with the two sisters. A hot new neighbor moved in last week and I look out the window and see her sunbathing in her bikini. She is smoking hot with a smoking bod and I'm working on getting some of that too.

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  • I tried messing with my wife's sister once. I got caught and the wife and her sister beat the f*** out of me. I had to go to the emergency room for stitches. It kinda sucked being a dude manhandled by women. The wife caught me off guard and hit me on the back of the head with my baseball bat before her and her sister jumped on my ass and punched and kicked me. The b****** could have killed me. My wife can get psycho if I p*** her off but she has a hot bod and knows how to use it so I stay with her.

  • Fake. Fakefakefake. But if perhaps it is real, go do suicide. You are a disgrace to the word homosapien.

  • You should get the stud of the year award. I wish I had your guts, but I'd be too afraid my wife would find out and kick my ass.

  • I for one admire you for having the b**** to act on your natural instincts. Man was not made to be monogamous. He was made to savor as many women as he could and enjoy their succulent fruits. While most men cower under the skirts of dominating b******, you fearlessly f*** any woman you want unrestrained by bullshit conventions and irrational fears. Those clucking hens and emasculated wimps who criticize you don't matter because you breathe a rarer air and live a freer life. In a word, you are The Man.

  • How much money would your girlfriend have to make to live comfortably in a trailer? Apparently not much. It's interesting that the poster doesn't think having s** with his girlfriend's sister would not be considered the kind of cheating that would make his gf get mad enough to leave him? What kind would? And the poster thinks Studpuppy is a good nickname ..

  • First she's your girlfriend and suddenly she's your wife? I don't really think you would brag too much in an embarrassing confession...


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