Guys my age

My name is Danielle. I'm 15 and this is my confession. I've had bfs before but nothing serious. I'm called pretty, hot, attractive, you know stuff like that I usually dont listen though. It seem older guys like 17-21 only hit on me. I don't know why. I want a guy between the ages of 15-17 to ask me out but they are usually older then that and I normally don't date them. Any advice? -Danielle

Nov 26, 2012

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  • Either stay single or ask the guys out yourself.

  • Danielle = W****

  • Hi, Danielle, you sound really nice and totally sexy

  • So its true! Girls don't ask guys out!

    You lazy piece of s***, ask a guy out if you want to date someone your own age.
    password: mysteryscience2013

  • You are too young to be messing with guys around that age, a common problem you are going to come across is that guys are going to take advantage of you sexually and possibly cheat on you because they are going to think that you're dumb because you're stupid. You ever thought that maybe you're attracting the older crowd because you're doing things you shouldn't be doing at 15? like having s**? just saying.

  • As mature as she is, she needs to stop wasting her time with guys in either age range (15-17 OR 17-21), and start dating guys 25+ who know how to treat someone who is as smart and aware as she is. If she's doing things that normal 15-year-olds don't do, it's because the normal stuff is beneath her and bores her ass off. She should be doing things that she enjoys and that entertain, enlighten or excite her. She's obviously not your average girl. Good luck, Danielle!!!

  • I think you are serious marriage material.

  • You are so totally hot and sexy.

  • You are FAR too mature to be messing with guys your own age. They're going to bore you, and they're not going to treat you well. And they are totally not going to be able to satisfy you because they don't know what they're doing. So for a woman who is as hot and smart as you, it's best to date guys who are already out of college, and either in grad school or working. Trust me when I tell you: I know what I'm talking about because I've been there.

  • Standard Practise ..Stick to Around the 21 Year Old Bracket , will be vastly better for you . You cant go with some Dude your Age NO WAY ..go for an Older guy for sure .

  • Naturally at Your Age you Would need Older ..Stick with Around the 21 Year Bracket , that will help you Also . No way , you can be with a Dude Your Age ..STANDARD practise .

  • Dirty oldman pays h***** to f***, f**** her good over trash can then leaves in it and throws 10 dollars at her.

  • Sounds like your a person of experience or is that just your fantasy? but anyway I can't help to think that your comment could be your own M.O.

  • Danielle, your better off dropping the idea of boys close to your own age simply because most of them are still in a childish stag of life and wouldn't even know how to handle a relationship with a sweet young thing like you, and the 17-25 year old are nothing more then a little boy in a young mans body! so your best bet is to seriously think about dating a mature man at least around the age of 30, I'm talking from experience I've had my share of bad experience's with the guys my age since I was 13 and am now 20 years old, I was 16 when I had my first experience with a mature man who was 31 years old and it was the most amazing, caring, loving, fulfilling relationship I'd ever been in, so believe me once you've had a mature man you'll never wanna go back to the little boys!

  • Sounds like you are intimidating to the guys around you. Pick one you like and just tell him to ask you out.
    "I think you are nice, why don't you ask me out?"
    That's all it would take...

  • STFU -Danielle

  • Danielle....seriously? The respondent was trying to be nice and supportive, and you "STFU" him/her? You don't deserve any responses. Sheesh............

  • How mature, no wonder guys f*** you off.

  • Dude! open your eyes! looks more like it's the other way around you just got f***** off for making an immature comment...LOL

  • Is it just me but when people are mad they don't make any sense

  • It's just you, you just can't seem to make any sense out of anyone who is mad!!

  • Oldman c*** up young h***** c***.

  • How about old man c*** up dumb commentors ass!! lol....

  • How about get your old man c*** out of his arsehole. lol...

  • Oh I see now you want a piece! so he can put his old man d*** up yours....LOL don't worry there's enough to go around for all you young gay boys...that like to make idiotic comments!!

  • The irony of complaining about idiotic comments...

  • Hey Einstien, nobody is complaining just jokingly conveying an opinion. so lighten up a little and stop being such a stuffy old egghead... oh the irony of it all...LOL

  • Hi, so you think she's a c*** lol your just some dickless old b****** or some 17 year old little boy so h**** you'd f*** your dog so congratulation YOU just called a 15 year old girl asking for help a h***** and a c***. P.S see ya in h***;)

  • Baahahaha i remember my first beer.

  • Get yourself a mature man older then 25 because you'll never find what you desire and long for in boys, your a young woman now, not a little girl as society would have you believe and a man is better suited for you because he knows what he wants is more experienced in relationships, love, intamcy, lifes situations and can help guide you in so many more ways then an inexperienced boy could ever do! but if your preferance is boys in the age group you said you desire, thats cool nothing wrong with that, but just saying that hanging around immature people you'll just take a little longer to mature and grow mentally, because a relationship with someone your own age would be like the blind leading the blind.... which basically means nowhere!! just my advice.

  • Perhaps many guys around your age are more nervous than those older with confidence.

  • Again? Really?

  • Thats not a very big age gap, So basiclly the 17-21 year olds are still boys with a mental maturity of around your own age, so it's older boys that are close to your age group that olny seem to hit on you and the reason these older boys hit on you is because they think you're more likely to be a virgin and thats all they care about is trying to get and pop your cherry!

    You probably want guys between the ages of 15-17 because you know your still mentally immature yourself and incapable of having a sexual or romamantic relationship with anyone on a higher maturity level then yourself or that your one of those people who have been conditioned from childhood by their families to believe that age gap relationships are not acceptable... but anyway the 15-17 year old guys you want are to immature to be interested in you they'ed rather be sitting home playing their video games and doing silly boy things with their friends to even notice you.
    My advice is to think about broadening your outlook on age gap dating and find yourself an older man 30+ who is mature and knows what he wants, more experienced in just about everything, and who knows how to treat a young lady sexually as well as romantically.

  • Dude, nobody wants to see that so just quit!


  • Im 15 believe me or not i dont care i dont recommend an older guy but yea most guys our age our immature but thats hopefully a stage but your find the right guy eventually

  • I'm 15 is that ok, oh sorry I mean 51

  • The thing is I don't act my age or look my age. And younger guys are too immature.

  • Then wait. its not so bad waiting it out. and there are definitely some really really nice guys. you just have to look for unconventional beauty in people rather than just regular good looks.

  • Hi I'm chris hanson from dateline nbc, why dontcha have a seat

  • Just try and hang around younger guys. relate to them, try to act as naturally as you can. the more you become easier around them, the easier they will feel around you. then they will sum up the courage to ask you out. you might just look older so they are intimidated by that.

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