A 15 year old girls story

Hey, my name is Danielle. I'm 15 and this is my "confession". First, a bit about me. I am single, I've been told I'm pretty and hot and all that -but i don't listen to people when they say that-. Born in Missouri. I am a Christian and -confession time- about 2 years ago, I became depressed. I turned from God, I cut myself, and got mad that I did that to myself so I'd do it again. I thought of suicide too. I finally got back on track and straightend up. I am a Christian again. But recently I found out I had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome a.k.a. EDS. which means my joints are flexible I think. And since I want to be a vet I'm afraid this will effect the outcome of it actually happening. I do not cry cause I think it's a sign of weakness and i don't want people to think that about me. I just wanted to tell someone cause I don't know who else to tell. I've seen the comments on here before so go ahead and type what you want I can take it.
-Danielle ;)

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  • Let's approach this from a practical angle. Get the phone numbers of a few veterinary colleges/universities, and make appointments to see the Dean or Registrar. Outline your concerns, ask about bursaries, scholarships, academic requirements. Then take it from there. If you don't like what you hear at one school, go to another. Life is all about relationships - i.e. - if you like someone, and they like you, they will steer you the right way. Now get going.
    What are you waiting for? :) By the way, its ok to cry, just don't turn into a permanent water fountain. Have a great day sweetie. P.

  • Good luck to you. You sound like a nice person, and I believe you can fulfil your dreams. Sorry you have EDS. I hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble.

    Many of the greatest people in the world do great things despite challenges like yours. For a worse challenge, consider the amazing Stephen Hawking, a brilliant man with what would seem impossible challenges to overcome.

    My best to you.

  • I don't agree with the Stephen Hawking bit, he got a disease and got on - lots of people have to do that. But everything else, yes! No offence intended but that bit just bugged me!

  • I have EDS to it sucks bad :( i am srry about wat is going to happen to you

  • How old are you? And when did you find out?

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