Just to see if I could

I had a friends with benefits situation going with a girl I knew was in love with me but I only had s** with her and said just enough to keep her in love with me so I could keep just having s** with her and not have to date her because I think she's fat and really dull and unintelligent.

Then I got her pregnant just to see if I could do it and then talk her into an abortion. She ended up not having an abortion and had a boy and I haven't acknowledged him. She had the baby right as I was starting to date a girl that I fell in love with and I never told her.

Then that girl went to school far away and I started talking to a girl that liked me years ago because I couldn't help myself and I tried to get her to sleep with me. Then my girlfriend found out and dumped me though so I guess I got what I deserved. I think a lot about how I should punish myself more though for everything I've done. Like cutting or doing something illegal so I go to jail or maybe just giving up and ending it all.

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  • Instead, try being a man and being there for your child. Play time is over and you have responsibilities.

  • Cutting? Jail? that's going to punish yourself? You do that on your own already. Your actions already prove your punishing yourself. You don't think you're worthy of being in love or being loved. That's why you keep these girls at a certain distance. You also use the word deserved..sort of true. You get back what you put out there. Send a different message. Dude, you need to take a good look at yourself and grow up. Take responsibility and accountability for your actions and move forward with your life. Why don't you see if you can do that...

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