I think I'm a Bisexual.

I know this girl who's a lesbian, and I don't know if I'm curious and she's just there or if I actually like her. But I think about her a lot. But always only sexual. Never, ever cute fluffiness. But I always think of guys in cute/fluffy situations, but never sexual. It's confusing.

Nov 30, 2012

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  • I think you are still developing your sexual identity. Are you friends with this girl? If so, you might ask her advice.
    Have you dated any guys yet? I think you may feel intimidated by them and a girl is safer.
    Maybe if you wait a little and see how your feelings change.

  • I'm a girl and all I can say is that girls are hot! I think that depending on your age you may want to try it out. If you are younger, like in high school or junior high, you may want to wait until you are older before you try anything. You don't want to set a label on yourself too early- kids can be SO cruel. But if you are older, it just depends on what you feel is right. Take some time to think about it. Are you willing to risk her friendship if you tell her how you feel? Are you willing to face the abuse that will come from others? You may not set a label on yourself, but sweetheart, the sad truth about same s** relationships is that there will always be somebody out there who will try to tear you apart because of it. But hey, at least you know that somebody out there will support you <3<3<3

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