I Don't Care If The Haters Don't Like This Cause It's Fun

My friend and I have an ongoing bet about who can get the most girlfriends. His score: 21 Mine: 17. I have some catching up to do because he has better lines and knows how to tell girls what they want to hear better than I can. He can break up with them easier too. I have more of a conscience so I feel a little bad when one girlfriend finds out about the others and I have to tell her it's my way or the highway. And some of them can be a pain in the ass when it comes to cramping my style when I'm on the hunt for more babes and the girlfriend I'm with gets all mad and stuff cause I'm checking out girls with potentials, nice t*** and a pretty faces, in that order. Our goal is to reach a hundred girlfriends. The one who reaches a hundred first gets a hundred bucks from the loser. It's kinda cool and fun meeting all those babes.

Dec 3, 2012

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