I am 21 and my girlfriend is 23 and i had a fantasy of watching her with another man and finally got it to happen and she loved it, she told me that she loved the guy being almost 3 times my size (im 3 inches hard btw) made her love it even more and so now its become our normal relationship and i love it. She brought out the bisexual side of me with this as she makes me suck him hard and clean his c** from her every time they have s**.



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  • In hs my gf's bff was dating my best friend who was quite submissive and could rarely get hard. My gf asked me to help with her bff's self esteem, which involved more than a few times f****** her. One of my other gfs liked being dominated and g*********. My gf's bff saw this happen once and I had the members of our band do her as well. Her bf, my friend, got down and started licking her clean (not a condom in site because she was on the pill) she then asked him to suck a few of the guys to get them hard for her. It ended up being a regular thing. He was not small, about 5.5" but I am 7.5" and many of the band were well hung too. At a party one night that we were playing at she ended up taking more than 30 guys. He ended up cleaning, sucking and then two guys used his ass. He loved it and she was always at our shows after that, the party girl. Long time ago, before STDs were common and we never had a problem.

  • I love it when my wife asks me to suck him. I have let a few guys c** in my ass and now I know why my wife has o****** when a guy shoots c** in her tight p****. The best yet was when my younger brother stayed with us and I let him f*** her.

  • In response to the first question no he doesnt f*** my mouth though he has been told he can if he wishes, it is generally just me sucking him. And i dont know if it would be exciting to have her finger me while i suck him since generally she just lets him f*** me if he wants to after hes f***** her.

  • you like it? I have wondered for a long time how it would feel to have my bottom "full". Does he ever c** in you? If he does how does it feel? I imagine it to be warm to hot squirting inside...does it stay hot long enough to feel ot as it ooozes out of your hole? Hard to believe he can stop from pumping as your wet mouth sucks on his c*** does their c** taste together? I think it would be slick and salty. Has he ever came in your mouth? It sounds so exciting to me mmmmmm

  • Yes,I do like having him f*** me and so far he hasnt c** in me. Its hard to describe the taste of their c** together as it varies from time to time, the first time i tasted it there was no flavor at all then others it was salty then sometimes it was just plain delicious and hard to explain as a flavor itself. He hasnt c** in my mouth either as I try to save that so he can c** in her and I can eat it from her instead.

  • I am soooo jelious! The thought of it. Is his c*** warm in your mouth? Does she say things to you as she makes you suck him? Id want her to say things to me. When he f**** you, are you usually on all fours or does he bend you over something? I imagine how it would feel to have my naked ass exposed...feeling his hips push against my bare cheeks...the jarring of my body and jiggle of my butt as it is pushed full over and over again. I had a g/f once who used a vibrater on me. She stood by the bed with me on my back, legs around her hips as she held the vibrater like a c*** and f***** me. I use one now when i play. I suck it and sometimes catch my cumm so i can smear it back there as i slide my vibrater inside me. If she says things to you as your mouth is being used can you tell me what she says? When you answer do you take him out of your mouth or must you try to speak with him f****** your mouth? Im going to play now...very

  • Wonder how it feels when it she makes you open your mouth and take in his c***....does he f*** your mouth pr do you just suck him? Wouldnt it be exciting if she fingered you from behind while he did it to your mouth?

  • It must be hot watching her ecstasy when she has that big c***. You are lucky that your wife lets you suck him and clean her up.

  • You are so lucky. I would live to see my husband with another man.

  • Alot of husbends would like their wife or girlfriends to insist on trying this. Its a huge turn on to hear her saying " get on your knees" or "open your mouth" . As the other is f****** she could talk..." do you like that? You like it in your mouth dont you? Etc...

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