My New Daddy

He is 21 years older than I am, and I am 25. I love him so much I can't stand it. He's kind, smart and sees things in me that others overlook. I love to sit on his lap and have him hold me close and whisper into my ear. He calls me his little girl and I call him daddy. I totally submit to anything he wants. He is gentle and sweet with me always other than at certain times when I must be "punished" for being "a bad girl." He likes to pull my hair and spank me hard, but afterward he is so sweet. I love this. I never thought this stuff would turn me on, but it's perfect. I finally feel totally connected to a man.

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  • for those so inclined, the dominant-submissive relationship is a treasure and that's what you've discovered and i'm happy for you. my only comment is that you should be careful of two things: (1) in this relationship, be certain that the role-play doesn't lead to any actual pain or injury, and if that appears to be developing, talk to him about it, and if that doesn't work, end the relationship immediately; and (2) in the future, do not initially identify yourself as a submissive to the men you date, but rather allow that trait to simply arise naturally in the course of discovery. Otherwise, congratulations, and enjoy yourself!

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