Please don't waste your time

So there is this boy in school and we both like each other. Im not allowed to date. He knows this, but he still likes me. I feel like he is wasting is time on me. I wish he would not like me and just like someone else because it is making me feel so bad. I ... Just had to tell someone. My "friends" are all sayng I should date him. I would get in so much trouble though. They don't understand no natter how much I tell them. :(

Dec 6, 2012

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  • It is awesome that you respect your parents. Relationships can be confusing when you're young. Not dating until you're older is a good thing, it gives you time to mature so that you can handle more adult situations and save you from a lot of drama. Even if you're not allowed to date, you will still be around boys. You will still have crushes, boys will still like you and that's just part of life. So for now, you have been honest with the boy so enjoy being his friend. That will be all you can offer him at this time. And if that involves a little flirting, go with it. It's flattering to know that someone likes you. And never think of it as someone wasting time on you.

  • Oh my goodness. If only my friends said the same thing you said!!!! Ugh. I told them that I just want to pretend like we don't like each other so things aren't awward... But they don't listen. -.- thank you for understanding though :) it's good to know that someone does.

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