I had a dream that a little girl offered herself to me sexually. I thought it was real, so I refused, and just masturbated thinking about it later.

Dec 7, 2012

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  • It's true some dreams are a glimps of the near future, maybe you were given a look at something that may come to be real soon, I have dreamed of somethings and they happend like a month to 2 years after my dream so maybe you should anticipate some little girl actually propationing you for s**, and if you decline again maybe you can compromise and at least m********* in front of her or have her m********* you.... sweet dreams!

  • Sometimes dreams can come true, when that time come don't refuse!

  • When you say little girl, how little do you mean? Are you telling the world you m********* to a kid offering you s**?

  • Dude get a f***** clue! it's plain to see that you are an idiot because it's writtin in his own words up above, geez! are you telling the world that you can't comprehend what you just read?

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