It isn't enough for him to have me, he also has to have my sister

I have been told that this triggers some people so I'm giving fair warning. This is about passion, forced entry, destroyed sexually in both holes, and waking up with a man I didn't know.

I was 19, so legal, at a wedding. I met a man there, 35 a friend of the groom. He took me up to his room and ordered me out of my dress before getting on me and messing it up. He took me first on my back, normal **, but then he turned me over and took me in ** **. He told me that he wasn't interested in returning to be party, he liked me like that naked on his bed and we took a shower.

He gave me oral **, both vaginal and **, triggering a series of ** like a machine gun. He ** me again, this time he nailed me to the bed and ** me to completion, before falling asleep with me by his side. I thought about getting up and leaving, but something kept me from being able to do it. He liked me naked so I didn't get dressed, I just freshened up my ** for him in the morning.

In the morning after a shower he had me lean over the railing of the balcony with my ** in the air and he ** me both vaginally and anally. We got dressed and went down to the breakfast room and ran into my mother and my sister. He asked her old she was, 17 at the time, and he said she had to wait to get older. I told him right there in front of my mother, to keep his grubby hands off my sister.

She got older, turned 18 that September and the weekend after her birthday she lost her virginities to him, her mouth, her ** and her ** cavity. All in one ** session at his place with me waiting. My sister was happy she wasn't a virgin any more and my mother never heard about it. My sister is a total ** around him and he gets whatever he's in the mood for. I sleep with him, and I get a lot of married **, man on top, vaginal, while my sister is getting the fun stuff. I just can't be such a ** with him, it's not in me to be like that, and he likes her being a ** with him, like shooting fish in a barrel, his expression.

Feb 19

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